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Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of LeadFlow 2.0, an exciting update to our pay-per-call management solution. We’ve made significant investments into LeadFlow to meet the needs of brands buying phone leads. Affiliate marketing continues to gain popularity as a channel to drive growth, and brands need a way to easily track and manage their pay-per-call marketing.

According to research from Forrester, over 80% of brands devote more than 10% of their marketing budgets to their affiliate programs. And they’re not stopping: affiliate marketing spending in the US is projected to grow 12.8% year over year and reach $5.3 billion dollars in 2017.

It makes sense: with affiliate marketing, brands not only reach previously untapped audiences and markets, but they can also mitigate risk in their ad budgets. When you pay per lead, you know exactly how much cost you’re taking on.

And while 80% of brands are actively tracking and measuring their digital affiliate channels, offline affiliate channels such as phone leads have been a challenge – until now. LeadFlow helps a brand’s affiliate manager see which affiliates drive qualified calls that convert to revenue, whether the lead calls directly from an affiliate ad or webpage, or calls after being directed to the brand’s website.

Managing your pay-per-call marketing has never been easier. Here are 5 ways LeadFlow helps brands optimize revenue from pay-per-call:

1. Establish Your Programs and Rules

Affiliate marketing is meant to be conducted on your terms. And now brands can define the criteria that works best for them when buying phone leads. LeadFlow helps you create rules to:

  • Establish the amount you are willing to pay for phone leads
  • Monitor call concurrency in near real-time to ensure proper staffing
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly phone lead limits
  • Filter phone leads by states and/or country
  • Only receive phone leads at certain hours of the day or days of the week
  • Configure rules for routing the phone leads you receive
  • Reroute callers who have called your business previously (and don’t double-pay)


2. Easily Manage Your Affiliates

Affiliate managers strive to drive growth and improve marketing ROI. This means they must invest in the affiliate partners that drive the best leads at the best price. LeadFlow helps brands identify and manage the best-performing affiliates:

  • Know the specific affiliate or other marketing source that drove the call, caller profile data, what happened on the call, and if the caller converted
  • Manage the payouts you make to affiliates for qualified phone leads
  • Organize the phone numbers affiliates publish to drive phone leads to you
  • Determine how you want calls distributed (round robin, or based on priority or weight)

“DialogTech’s LeadFlow makes managing pay-per-call programs and affiliate partners easy.”
CashNetUSA, a leading provider of payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit

3. Define Phone Lead Qualification

I mentioned how affiliate marketing helps mitigate risk in your ad costs. Part of that is both defining what constitutes a good lead for your business and also the ability to challenge unqualified leads you receive. LeadFlow provides brands the ability to:

  • Define phone lead qualification (call was connected, minimum talk time, and more)
  • Track callers and only pay for every valid phone lead
  • Challenge unqualified leads and have them reviewed

“LeadFlow is extremely flexible, supporting the phone lead qualification rules that make the most sense for each campaign.”
— CashNetUSA

4. Quickly View Performance of Campaigns

Affiliate marketing managers can access real-time and historical reporting on total calls, qualified calls, conversion rates, and more. Understand how offers and affiliates impact business results, and make optimizations based on phone lead volume and quality. Brands can easily:

  • See the phone leads you receive and the cost per lead
  • Monitor call concurrency in near real-time to ensure proper staffing
  • Review results daily, weekly, or in summary within historical reports


5. Provide Partners Real-Time Reporting

Affiliates of brands need to see reporting that shows their performance, information on the criteria for the types of leads they can sell, and a list of the tracking phone numbers they can publish to drive leads. LeadFlow makes it easy for brands to manage their relationships with affiliate partners and to:

  • Share reporting with affiliates on the performance of their campaigns
  • Create logins for partners to provide direct access to real-time and summary reporting
  • Restrict the data provided to affiliates and only present data relevant to them

“I can quickly view the performance of pay-per-call campaigns and provide partners the reporting they need in real time.”
— CashNetUSA

Learn more about how LeadFlow 2.0 drives growth for brands and affiliate managers with a complete solution for tracking and managing your pay-per-call campaigns.

LeadFlow 2.0 also includes new features and enhanced functionality for its affiliate and network customers that makes it easy to identify the best-performing affiliates, campaigns, and search keywords driving calls and route phone leads to the most profitable advertisers.



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