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Marketing Has Evolved — But Has Your Reporting?

Chase B. Howland Senior Product Marketing Manager ,

We are no longer marketing in separate channels, so why should marketers still evaluate campaign performance that way? If you still use complicated, time-consuming reporting methods to measure marketing performance across channels, I urge you to consider a new solution. Let’s take a look at the current state of marketing, reporting, and how it can be improved:

We are in living in a new marketing era

With today’s complex customer journey, consumers are engaging with brands and products across a number of channels and devices. If you worked in marketing a decade ago (or earlier), you remember the days of running siloed campaigns in one channel — but those days are gone. The average marketer is now running campaigns across at least eight different channels, including display, video, search, social, email, and on their own site. These campaigns are now meant to work together to drive higher levels of engagement, both online and over the phone, and marketers must evaluate performance across all channels and conversion paths to understand and optimize ROI.

The New Customer Journey- DialogTech

Evolving our analytics  

According to a recent survey, marketing analytics spend is expected to grow from 4.6% to almost 22% of marketing budgets in the next three years, representing a 376% increase. However, 32% of marketers report that they do not have the tools needed to measure success across channels and conversion points.

While marketing has evolved to match consumer behavior with a cross-channel approach, marketing reporting and attribution is all-too-often stuck in the channel-by-channel way of thinking. Even worse, businesses today often limit their metrics to what happens online, ignoring what is often the most valuable conversion: inbound calls.

Marketing reporting has not kept up- DialogTech

So while marketers may have one unified message across channels and devices, many are still tracking the campaign performance using multiple, disparate reports — none of which are in the same format or design, or even automated. To make it worse, most analytics tools are confusing to set up, impossible to customize, difficult to visualize, and don’t integrate all your marketing activities in one place.

As a result, marketing has become:

  • Inefficient: Unless you have a team of full-time data scientists on staff, time that should be spent evolving your marketing strategy is spent bouncing back and forth between reports, trying to determine which campaigns are working and which need adjusting.
  • Incomplete: Since you are looking at a compilation of results, it is difficult to tell the full story, and the reports you do have can’t be easily understood or shared.
  • Difficult to optimize: It is hard to prove ROI and identify trends, ultimately slowing down your marketing decisions.  

How much time and money are you wasting?

There is a real tangible business impact to all of this. According to a Google study commissioned by Forrester, in 2017, $35 billion was managed inefficiently as marketers were unable to properly attribute their marketing activities across all channels. The scary part is that 84% of marketers don’t feel their data sources are well integrated. This lack of integration is the #1 reason for not capturing the full view of the consumer, according to marketers. Imagine you only had 50% of the data you needed to make an educated decision? Unfortunately, this is how many marketers are operating today — but this can change.

Creating a streamlined reporting structure

In an ideal world, marketers would be able to:

  • Consolidate data about customer behavior into a single, easy-to-use-analytics dashboard
  • Perform customizable and meaningful analysis across campaigns, channels, and devices to gain customer insight
  • Seamlessly deploy those insights to drive marketing effectiveness

Ideal state of marketing reporting- DialogTech

With all the data in one place, you can immediately get a clear view of your marketing activities. Easy-to-use yet powerful reporting tools help you understand how customers respond to your marketing across devices, channels, and more, providing you with a single, complete data source across all consumer touchpoints.

Recently, Forrester found marketers who integrate their marketing analytics platform are three times more likely to hit their marketing goals than those who have not. So what are you waiting for?

How you can solve this reporting integration challenge

We recognize marketers need a streamlined reporting solution for all business, and we created Dashboard Insights to address this challenge. Dashboard Insights combines your digital and voice data in one place to easily see what actions and optimizations need to take place across channels and campaigns.

We are the only solution in the marketplace that allows you to fully customize your voice and digital marketing data. This will save you time, allow you to analyze online and offline impact, increase collaboration, and know exactly where you need to take action to optimize media spend, ad targeting, and marketing experiences.

Reap the benefits of new and evolved reporting

Marketers taking advantage of multi-channel reporting dashboards are quickly realizing the benefits and have a competitive advantage. “Before using Dashboard Insights, I had to pull each report individually. Now, the reports are set up in real time all in one dashboard. I can automatically share with my internal team to make sure everything is on track.” explained Joseph Gutierrez of Tax Group Center.

In addition, having all of your data in one dashboard allows you to quickly spot potential problems and optimize to capitalize on strong results. “If anything looks out of the ordinary, we can help optimize. Clients appreciate seeing everything together. It’s a huge competitive advantage,” added Dr. David Greene of US Lead Network. As you plan your marketing strategy and compile results, think of all the time you could save with a fully customizable dashboard.

Ready to break free from the old way of reporting? Contact DialogTech to begin your free 30-day trial of Dashboard Insights and start driving your business forward with holistic marketing data.

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