March 30, 2018 Marketing Analytics

Facebook has announced they will no longer allow brands to use third-party data from providers in their ad targeting.

Previously, Facebook had a feature called Partner Categories that enabled advertisers to supplement their audience targeting with data from brokers. This was data Facebook didn’t have access to on its own, and included everything from a consumer’s household income to the cereal their children eat.

This announcement, however, has no impact on businesses using DialogTech’s call analytics data in their Facebook ad targeting. The data you capture on callers to your business with DialogTech is first-party data, and it is still a great way to re-engage past callers and target new lookalike audiences with relevant, personalized ads on Facebook.

3 Ways to Use DialogTech’s Call Analytics to Improve Facebook Ad Targeting

Just as there is a wealth of marketing insights available from analyzing activity on your website, there is a wealth of insights from analyzing inbound calls. When someone calls your business, it’s a powerful signal indicating how they want to engage, their purchasing intent, and overall value.

An inbound call can tell you a tremendous amount about the caller that you can use to optimize ad targeting, including:

  • Who the caller is
  • Where they are calling from
  • What products they are calling about
  • Where they are in the customer journey
  • Their intent and value to your business
  • How they want to convert
  • What marketing interaction was successful at converting them

Many of the world’s most successful business rely on DialogTech to capture this first-party data on their callers. They can then use that data to better target callers with more personalized, relevant campaigns across Facebook, search, and display.

Three of the most popular ways to use you first-party call data to improve ad targeting are:

  1. Retargeting: Re-engage past callers with relevant ad campaigns incentivizing them to call again and convert.
  2. Lookalikes: Expand your reach and acquire new customers by targeting lookalike audiences similar to customers who converted by calling.
  3. Exclusions: Exclude callers that became customers or weren’t good sales leads from seeing ads that aren’t relevant to them.

To learn more about how brands are using data on their callers to improve ad targeting, drive revenue, and reduce customer acquisition costs, download our eBook on ways to Optimize Your Search, Facebook, and Display Targeting with Call Analytics.

Learn more about how brands are using data on their callers to improve ad targeting, drive revenue, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

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