What Marketers Are Saying About DialogTech’s Call Tracking and Customer Support

Christie Huber Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

At DialogTech, we are proud to provide the most powerful call analytics platform that empowers marketers with the data they need to connect calls to the customer journey, personalize experiences, and drive revenue. We also have one of the best in-house Customer Success and Support teams in the marketing technology space, who always go the extra mile to help our clients succeed.

In order to continuously improve, we pay close attention to the feedback we receive from our customers. If you are considering DialogTech for your call tracking and analytics needs, take a look at what our customers have said about us recently:

What do you like best about DialogTech?

  • “[DialogTech] allows me to track advertising calls and integrates with AdWords and GA (Google Analytics) so we can optimize campaigns to calls.”
  • “Support, growth and ability to report. They are constantly integrating new features and are always ahead of the curve.”
  • “Being able to search and mine through thousands of calls to find the exact one I am looking for.”
  • “I appreciate their ability to resolve problems in a timely manner.”
  • “They have excellent customer service, robust phone data, easy implementation and frequent updates.”
  • “They have always been helpful with our growing needs as a growing company. If we have questions or need additional guidance, they’re willing to jump on a call and help you figure it out.”
    DialogTech G2Crowd Review

What business problems are you solving with the product?

  • “They are our main trackable call vendor. They have helped us set up trackable lines that help us better assess the success of our digital ad campaigns.”
  • “[With DialogTech we are able to] get some really helpful insight that helped us shape how we evolved our marketing lead generation program.”
  • “We’re able to fully track our marketing client’s lead phone calls and actualize these results to the business owners we work with. Without this functionality, my job would be a lot more difficult.
  • “Troubleshooting problems on a product level after listening to Customer Service calls.”
  • “Many of my customers also use the platform as a way to analyze whether or not the phones are being answered in a professional manner.”

DialogTech G2Crowd Review

What benefits have you realized?

  • “Many of our customers call for larger purchases, attribution of these larger sales is the main benefit.”
  • “We are able to follow up with our customers and have a dialog about what calls they received and what they are doing with those calls.”
  • “We are able to help our partners identify and attribute leads, thanks to DialogTech’s ability to generate localized call tracking numbers and record calls.”

The combination of our leading technology teams, continuous innovation, and high-quality customer support make DialogTech’s call tracking solutions a “game changer” from many businesses.

“Inbound calls are a critical source of leads. Using DialogTech’s Conversation Insights Pro, we were able to gain incredible insights into those valuable interactions. It’s a game changer.”

— Bryan Huber, Global Vice President, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers


We welcome you to let us know how we are doing. Leave us a review or contact us today. We appreciate all feedback as we strive to always be the easiest company you have ever done business with. If you have been considering DialogTech for your call analytics and call tracking needs, reach out to us today and we can ensure your experience is just as positive as the comments we’ve received lately.