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When Hot Leads Call but Don’t Convert: What Marketers Can Do

Louise Thompson Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

Imagine the following scenario. Sarah is shopping for braces for her daughter. She searches online for “dentists near me,” clicks on an ad, and lands on the website for Brightest Smile Dental. She goes directly to the page about braces to learn about their services, sees a phone number for the nearest location, and places a call.

However, after speaking with an agent, Sarah ends the call without booking an appointment. Unconverted leads like Sarah — both online and over the phone — are big problems for marketers. Sarah was a qualified lead and was close to becoming a customer but something stopped her.

Now imagine this same scenario is happening across a franchise network with hundreds of locations that receive tens of thousands of calls a year. Marketers must be able to understand what marketing source drove the call, if the call was answered by the location, what was said, if the caller converted, and the next best action— scalably and in a structured format they can action upon to improve results.

Marketing Data from Each Inbound Call

Conversation Analytics Help Turn Unconverted Leads into Customers

By using a call analytics solution like DialogTech, the Brightest Smile Dental marketing team can recognize that Sarah is a high-quality phone lead, have access to exactly what was said during her call, and know what the next best step is to turn her into a customer.

In our example, the marketing team learns that Sarah called to check on pricing and was not yet ready to book an appointment at their Cincinnati location. Using insights from her call, she is placed into a retargeting campaign for Facebook and display about orthodontics. Sarah sees a Brightest Smile Dental ad a week later and calls back, scheduling an appointment for her daughter.

This approach can be applied within any industry that values calls to identify unconverted callers and turn them into customers.

AI Can Uncover Insights from Every Call to Your Business

There are many reasons why a consumer may call your call center or location but not convert. Perhaps they were calling to check store hours or pricing. Maybe they are a current customer inquiring about a recent purchase. AI can analyze conversations for you at scale to uncover the insights you need to determine the next best action for each caller.

Follow Up With the Next Best Action

Because callers aren’t always ready to convert into customers, marketers must know how to message to them — both online and over the phone — to drive them towards a purchase or appointment. Depending on the caller’s experience on the phone, their place in the sales funnel, and the reason for the call, the step most likely to elicit a conversion will differ.

Retarget Callers Who Didn’t Convert

Insights from conversations can tell you much more about how to remarket to a caller than the webpages they visited—a common remarketing criteria. Marketers can make the most of quality leads that haven’t converted by adding them into retargeting audiences. Remarketing to these callers continues the conversation and increases their likelihood of conversion. For example, if someone calls a resort provider to get some pricing information for a honeymoon in Jamaica, you can target them with ads providing special offers for your honeymoon package for that property. These ads keep your brand top of mind and special offers increase the likelihood of converting the unconverted.

Update Website Information Based on Call Intelligence

Marketing teams can also use the insights found on calls to improve their website content and create a better experience for future website visitors. For example, say Sarah had called Brightest Smile Dental to ask if they accept her insurance. She was told they do not accept her provider and she did not book an appointment. The Brightest Smile marketing team could use those insights and use them to improve their website by adding information about which insurance they accept, saving time for both shoppers and their staff.

Call Back Customers Who Have a Negative Caller Experience

Locations, franchisees, or sales managers can be notified via email alerts when callers who show a high likelihood of converting but didn’t make a purchase or for those who had a negative caller experience. They can then use this information to call the consumer back to remedy the situation.


hot lead report

Senior Care Provider Gets Notified When Callers Don’t Convert

A leading in-home senior care provider uses email alerts from DialogTech to know when a highly motivated shopper calls but does not convert. Because of the high cost-per-lead in this industry, it’s critical that they make the most of every lead opportunity. When a hot lead calls one of their locations and does not convert, location managers are notified and can then follow-up directly with the shopper to understand how to meet their needs and turn them into a customer.

Use Past Calls to Train Sales Teams and Phone Agents

By analyzing unconverted phone leads, marketers can also help their sales teams, call center agents, and locations convert more callers to customers. Call analytics solutions like DialogTech can find every good caller that didn’t convert for any product/service, date range, location/franchisee, and more. Marketers can pass those recordings and transcriptions of calls to their sales and call center managers, franchisee owners, and other stakeholders to show them the on-call tactics that work to convert callers, and the ones that don’t. These trainings can help eliminate issues and increase call-to-conversion rates. Uses Conversation Analytics to Retarget Callers and Improve Call Center Agent Performance is the leading online distributor for the lighting industry. Callers are often their best customers, so uses DialogTech to analyze conversations, increasing marketing ROI and call center agent performance.

With DialogTech, the marketing team uncovers insights that improve audience segmentation and call-to-sale conversion rates. For example, can:

  • Find every call from a given marketing touchpoint or for a particular product line during a certain timeframe
  • Filter those calls further to find ones that show buying intent, such where the caller says a phrase like “I’m looking for”
  • Find within those the calls with a conversion, such as when someone says “expiration date” — and also the ones without

Good callers that didn’t convert are placed into Google Ads remarketing audiences and targeted with the best available offers, with bids to convert them cost-effectively.

Analytics from conversations also helps increase the effectiveness of their call center. Each week, the marketing team analyzes the recordings and transcriptions of calls that converted and compares them with the ones that did not to learn what sales strategies are working. Sales managers then use call recordings as coaching tools to correct issues and improve agent performance.

With these tactics, has increased call-to-sale conversion rates by 18%.

To learn more about using conversation analytics to boost marketing performance and increase ROI, download our eBook, The Digital Marketer’s Playbook for Voice Analytics.

Download our eBook, The Digital Marketer’s Playbook for Voice Analytics

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