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DialogTech Is the Only Call Tracking Solution with In-House PCI DSS Compliance — and No Black Boxes

Kayla Hammersmith Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

We’ve got some exciting news! DialogTech is officially certified as PCI DSS-compliant by the PCI Security Standards Council. This certification isn’t just a signal of our continued commitment to data privacy and security, it’s also a huge milestone for the call tracking industry:

  1. We are now the only call tracking and analytics provider with in-house PCI DSS compliance. 
  2. We are the only call tracking and analytics provider to give marketers full access to all their data — including call recordings and transcriptions.

Both points are very important if you are looking to benefit from a call tracking and analytics solution but you must adhere to PCI DSS. Let’s explain by diving into the details of this achievement FAQ-style.

What Does This Announcement Mean?

Because we aced the formal PCI audit, DialogTech is fully PCI DSS-compliant. This means that every aspect of our platform’s call tracking and analytics features, including call recordings, call transcriptions, and AI-driven conversation analytics, meet these security standards. Hello, shiny new PCI DSS badge! 

PCI Compliance Badge

To receive official PCI DSS compliance, we underwent a formal PCI audit performed by the PCI Security Standards Council. It’s an intensive process. To pass the PCI audit, DialogTech proved that we abide by a rigorous list of components, including the building and maintaining of a secure network, protection of cardholder data, the maintaining of a vulnerability management program, the implementation of strong access control measures, and much more.

Now businesses adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard — in other words, any business that may take credit card information over the phone — can leverage the full benefits of DialogTech’s entire solution with confidence, knowing their call data is secure with a partner that is fully PCI DSS-compliant. 

Why Does DialogTech’s “In-House” PCI DSS Compliance Stand Out for Marketers?

DialogTech is one of the few call tracking and analytics providers to achieve PCI DSS compliance, and the only one to do it through an in-house solution. Other call tracking providers with PCI DSS compliance must transfer their customers’ call data to outside vendors to be compliant, exposing that sensitive data to potential security breaches and degradation. DialogTech built its PCI DSS solution to avoid these risks, keeping all customer data protected in-house.

What Call Data Does DialogTech Provide Marketers That Adhere to PCI DSS?

When consumers call businesses, those conversations can provide marketers and sales teams with a wealth of insights to improve call center conversion rates, content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, and more. It’s why they use call tracking and analytics solutions to capture data and insights from calls.

But to get the full value from a call tracking and analytics solution, marketers need access to all their call data, especially the recordings and transcriptions. DialogTech is extremely proud to provide the only PCI DSS-compliant call tracking and analytics solution that gives you full access to all your call data — no black boxes. 


DialogTech's PCI Compliant Transcriptions

Sample DialogTech call transcription with redacted data

DialogTech automatically redacts sensitive data — such as credit card number and credit card security code— enabling businesses to benefit from the insights in their transcriptions while remaining PCI DSS-compliant. Marketers can drill into each call to learn the questions callers are asking, how they talk about your products and promotions, why some locations and call center agents convert more calls than others, and much more. 

Marketers should never have to sacrifice security for insights. Our PCI DSS-compliant call tracking and analytics solution is the best of both worlds. It provides the richest, most actionable call data backed by enterprise-grade security, compliance, scalability, and reliability.  

If you wish to get a personal walkthrough of the DialogTech conversation intelligence platform, give us a call or request a demo online. You can also read more about our enterprise-grade security and compliance features.

If you wish to get a personal walkthrough of the DialogTech conversation intelligence platform, request a demo.

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