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How the COVID-19 Crisis Is Impacting Industries’ Inbound Call Volume

Kayla Hammersmith Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, marketers are searching for information on how to adjust their campaigns, pivot quickly, and ultimately support consumers. Knowledge is power — and knowledge about how COVID-19 is impacting inbound calls is especially powerful. 

That’s why DialogTech tapped into data from millions of phone calls to help marketers better understand the impact of COVID-19 on inbound call volume and how current events are shaping consumer behavior, the customer journey, and the performance of their marketing channels and campaigns.  

Even before the current crisis, calls played a pivotal role in the consumer journey. Now, with social distancing and shelter in place orders, phone calls are the easiest — and sometimes only — way that consumers can connect with businesses. In the industries listed below, inbound calls have gone up. 

The Impact of COVID-19 on Inbound Call Volume
(Increase in March 2020 vs. February 2020)
Industry % Increase
Apartment Rentals 1%
Financial Services 53%
Hospitals 23%
Mattress Retailers  11%
Pest Control  22%
Self-Storage 9%
Senior Care 3%
Senior Living 8%
Telehealth 52%
Telecom 68%
Urgent Care 29%

The industries in the chart above highlight some of consumers’ biggest concerns right now. Take the increases in financial services, telehealth, telecom, and mattress retailers for example.

In light of the current crisis, people are wondering how they should be handling their finances. This correlates with the 53% increase in calls to financial services organizations. 

Since people are avoiding any unnecessary in-person visits — especially to healthcare providers — virtual healthcare appointments are a logical solution. This aligns with the 52% increase in inbound calls we’re seeing to telehealth providers. 

With shelter in place orders, more people are working from home than ever before. This makes telecom and cable services essential to remote work — so people are ensuring that they have the services you need (at the prices that they can pay right now) is key. This correlates with the 68% rise in inbound calls to telecom providers right now, since people need to call and ask about services and billing. 

We are also seeing considered purchases that once took place mostly in stores — like mattress sales — now shifting to online with a phone conversation acting as the vehicle for consumers to ask questions and get answers. This ties in with the 11% increase in inbound calls to mattress retailers.

While no industry is unaffected by COVID-19, this data provides a snapshot of how consumer behavior is impacted by current events. 

Industries Seeing an Increase in Inbound Calls During COVID-19

The industries above saw an increase of inbound calls in March 2020 vs. February 2020

How DialogTech Helps Marketers Improve Call Experiences and Conversions During COVID-19

With information on inbound calls — a key first-party data source — and actionable insights you can glean from COVID-19-specific call analytics, DialogTech helps marketers understand how COVID-19 is impacting their business and how they can adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. 

Here are some ways marketers can leverage DialogTech during COVID-19:

  • Pull COVID-19-specific reports: With COVID-19 KPIs, marketers can view reports on the impact of the virus on calls. With these reports, marketers can understand COVID-19’s impact on call volume, view COVID-19 calls by marketing source, see the impact of the virus on phone leads and conversion rates, view COVID-19-related calls to each location or franchisee, and receive lead alert emails for new COVID-19 calls. 
  • Action upon COVID-19 insights in their martech stack: The insights from COVID-19 KPIs can be integrated into an existing martech stack, making it easy to adjust bid strategies and budget for COVID-19 callers, segment these callers into audiences, and leverage COVID-19 call data in Google Ads Smart Bidding. 
  • Inform SEO strategy: Insights from call recordings and transcriptions are especially valuable right now. Marketers can identify what questions consumers are asking and incorporate them into FAQ pages, blog posts, and other organic content that addresses COVID-19 topics.
  • Deliver callers with the best experiences to convert: DialogTech’s IVR and call routing technology helps businesses deliver the best call experiences. From routing calls to remote workers to setting up a dedicated hotline for COVID-19 to automating outbound phone messages, DialogTech helps businesses provide a smooth call experience for consumers. Providing a positive experience now can help improve conversion rates, marketing ROI, and the perception of brands as a helper.

Sample DialogTech report on calls where callers discussed COVID-19

Learn more about how DialogTech provides marketers with actionable insights on COVID-19 from phone calls

We’re Here to Support You

As the current crisis keeps evolving, we’ll continue to share these trends, findings, and any other resources that may help you adapt to this new world. Learn more about how we’re supporting our customers during this challenging time, 

P.S.: No matter how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting your calls, there’s just one way to position your brand right now: as a helper. 

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