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Today DialogTech is proud to introduce our Spring 2014 Release. It adds a wide range of functionality to our voice-based marketing automation platform to enable marketing and sales teams to monetize and control voice in today’s mobile world.

Thanks in part to the proliferation of smartphones, voice and the phone call have re-emerged as the most effective channel for generating high-quality leads and closing business. Businesses and agencies are now in a race to adopt solutions to not only analyze and understand the marketing source of each inbound call, but also route those calls correctly to the right store, office, or sales rep right away. This DialogTech release has exciting new functionality to help you do it, including:

  • The next generation of SourceTrak, our industry-leading call tracking technology
  • New capabilities like geo-location call routing and live monitoring of sales agents to monetize mobile calls and manage mobile salesforces
  • A new BI platform called Advanced Analytics to visualize meaningful trends in your call data
  • The new Salesforce CRM App that eliminates the blind spot in your marketing data by capturing the lead source of inbound calls

We’re extremely proud of the Spring 2014 Release, and based on the reaction from our beta customers, it has the power you need to optimize campaign ROI and manage sales teams in today’s mobile world.

Introducing the Next Generation of SourceTrak: Richer Data from 50% Fewer Numbers

Already the industry standard in call tracking, DialogTech’s patent-pending SourceTrak technology has been re-engineered to provide marketers with the richest data available on caller activity. And it does it now for less, requiring up to 50% fewer phone numbers:

  • Clickstream Reporting: Gain invaluable marketing intelligence on what drives conversions and sales by seeing the pages on your website a caller viewed before and after calling you.
  • Richer Data: Our new tracking methodology uses enhanced cookies to capture more information on each caller’s site visit, providing deeper insights into purchasing patterns across your customer base.
  • More Cost-Effective Tracking: The new technology is extremely cost-effective, requiring significantly smaller phone number pool sizes (up to 50% smaller or more depending on a visitor’s site behavior).

Advanced Analytics SourceTrak Aggregate Report

Tools to Monetize and Manage Calls in a Mobile World

In 2014, 5 smartphones will be sold for every PC. We live in a mobile world, and smartphones are changing how we market and sell:

  1. More smartphones means more mobile searches and calls to your business. People use smartphones to Google businesses. And when they do they aren’t filling out web forms – they’re calling you. According to analyst firm BIA/Kelsey, there were over 30 billion calls made to U.S. businesses alone in 2013, and that number is expected to reach 65 billion by 2016. Marketers not only need to create campaigns to generate more of these calls, they need call tracking, routing, and management tools to handle them correctly.
  2. Sales teams are becoming mobile and using their own smartphones. According to Gartner, 70% of mobile employees will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. Businesses now need to support and monitor call activity for an increasingly mobile salesforce, with agents working remotely and fielding sales calls on their own smartphones and mobile devices.

Our Spring 2014 Release has new tools to help you address both challenges. For marketers looking to optimize conversions from mobile callers, we have added geo-location technology to our Store Locator. Now, when smartphone users call you, DialogTech can determine their precise position based on cell phone triangulation. The call can then be automatically routed to the closest or most appropriate store, franchise, office or agent best suited to respond.

For sales teams, the Spring 2014 Release includes new tools to monitor and manage remote and geographically dispersed salesforces, including:

  • Live Agent Monitoring: Use our new web-based dashboard to centrally monitor every agent’s call activity, no matter where they are or what device and phone system they use.
  • Conversation Barge-In: While monitoring live conversations, if you need to take part in an agent’s call you can now barge in from anywhere, on any device, to help rescue a sale or assist a customer.
  • Customizable Caller ID for Outbound Calls: To maintain professionalism in a BYOD world, agents can have their outbound calls appear as coming from their corporate office, not their own mobile account.
  • Outbound Call Recording: The Spring 2014 Release has added the ability to record any agent’s outbound calls to our existing inbound calls recording capabilities.


New Advanced Analytics Provides Actionable Insights Through Enhanced Reporting

Our new Advanced Analytics is a full business intelligence tool that enables marketers and sales managers to find actionable insight from inbound and outbound call data. The dashboards for SourceTrak, inbound IVR, and Call Distributor will help you quickly see patterns and make better decisions from your data. It includes advanced charting, trend analysis and drill-down functionality users can leverage to manipulate and share data without having to export into another tool like Excel.

Advanced Analytics SourceTrak and Call Distributor Week Density Report

Salesforce CRM App Eliminates Blind Spot in Your Data

The new DialogTech Salesforce App is available in the Salesforce AppExchange and offers an out-of-the-box solution for tracking phone leads from any marketing source – online, offline, or mobile. Marketers can monitor the activity of any program (even a PPC keyword) from lead to account to revenue to ROI.

An agent panel widget that sits within the Salesforce window arms your agents with caller information and makes it easy for sales reps to open the record for existing leads or create new ones. The app also includes an DialogTech calls dashboard for a quick view of your calls and a list of those that were missed to enable easy follow up.

See the New Spring 2014 Release for Yourself

To learn more about the Spring 2014 Release, you can watch the video below. You can also get a personal demo of the new tools by requesting a demo.

About the author:

Blair Symes

Director of Content Marketing, DialogTech

Blair Symes is the Director of Content Marketing at DialogTech, the leading provider of marketing analytics for phone calls. Over the past 20 years, he has published hundreds of articles and eBooks on a wide range of marketing topics, including phone call analytics, conversion optimization, and omni-channel attribution. He can be reached at bsymes@dialogtech.com.

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