How to Make Sense of the Digital Media Marketing Landscape

Several days ago, Business Insider released a graphic (their words: “INSANE!”) capturing the digital marketing landscape in all of its head-spinning complexity.

“Digital marketing is confusing really confusing as this insane graphic shows”

Business Insider

While no one will argue that the digital marketing landscape is crowded and moves quickly, making sense of it is not impossible. After all, the most successful businesses of tomorrow are the ones who can harness the potential of social media and other digital marketing tools.

The first step to making heads or tails of your own digital marketing landscape is knowing how to track your activity and measure your ROI. It can be done, and DialogTech CEO Irv Shapiro shared a few thoughts on how to do it in a recent guest post for the business blog, {Grow}

When you look at the digital media marketing landscape below, it hopefully looks a bit more sane once you know you can track activity on these sites.

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View the enlarged version of the graphic on Business Insider

BuddyMedia graphic via Business Insider