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How to Take Advantage of Facebook’s New Travel Ads


Travelers want more from their trips — more adventure, more learning opportunity, more incredible experiences. Travel brands are targeting people who want to do more and experience more on their trips. The travel industry has seen a surge in travel shoppers turning to their digital platforms to be incentivized and inspired to continue down the traveler customer experience. Facebook says 68% of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook and 60% found their ideas on Instagram. 

Recently, Facebook unveiled its latest ad product, “Trip Consideration“, which allows travel advertisers to prioritize delivery to travel shoppers who have shown a general intent to travel but have not yet decided on a destination. According to Facebook, trip consideration works in conjunction with its existing targeting options to help deliver ads to the right people at the right time, and it can be used to drive action across Facebook, Instagram, and their audience network.

Facebook Travel Advertising- Trip Consideration

(Source: Facebook)

This new targeting option is valuable to digital marketers since most travel shoppers are undecided when they begin their travel planning, which predominantly begins online or on their mobile device. The indecisiveness of travel shoppers creates an opportunity for travel and hospitality marketers to use digital channels to influence purchase decisions. It’s one of the reasons why the travel industry is the 6th largest US digital advertiser. There’s a lot of money and competition on mobile, which is why the stakes are high for travel brands. What happens in these micro-moments, when people turn to a device with intent to answer an immediate need, ultimately affects the travel decision-making process.

Phone calls are playing an increased role in the traveler’s customer journey with 44% of people booking their travel by calling. Marketers have a unique opportunity to reach travelers by taking ownership of the call channel to drive more bookings and increase ROI. Travel shoppers often prefer calling rather than filling out a web form because they want to talk to a real person before finalizing a purchase. A conversation with a real human being offers a high-touch, intimate customer experience that cannot be replicated online.

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By only measuring web form fills and excluding phone calls, your ROI could be off by 40% or more. This can result in an improper allocation of budgets to the wrong campaigns. To fully optimize conversions and customer acquisition from Facebook advertising, marketers must optimize their ad campaigns, landing pages, and creative to drive phone calls.

By taking this data-driven approach to optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns for calls, you can drive more call conversions while potentially decreasing your cost per lead. You will improve Facebook ROI — and your value as a marketer — by investing in what generates the best conversions, both online and over the phone. Learn more about the DialogTech integration with Facebook and Instagram, or request a demo and see it in action.

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