How DialogTech’s AI-Powered Email Alerts Are Changing the Game for Multi-Location Marketers

Alain Stephan Senior Vice President, Analytics Services, DialogTech

Launched in February 2018, DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics Pro Alerts have revolutionized the way marketers at multi-location businesses are thinking about the phone channel.

Phone calls have always been a critical component to the consumer journey—and marketers need to provide the right experiences to convert prospects into loyal customers. DialogTech’s AI-powered email alerts are helping multi-location marketers empower their entire organization to identify and take action on critical customer interactions to drive more revenue through the phone channel.

Consumers Are Calling Local Businesses, Now More Than Ever

BIA/Kelsey estimates that there will be over 162 billion phone calls to businesses this year. That’s double the volume from 2014. And those callers are often the most valuable leads, converting to customers 30% faster and spending 28% more than online leads, according to Forrester.

But while marketing teams are busy running campaigns to drive more quality phone leads into the top of the funnel for locations and franchisees, it’s ultimately up to the staff at each location to convert high-intent callers into customers. But are they?

The reality is that your franchisees and location managers need to be everywhere, all the time; but they simply can’t do it. And oftentimes, callers to your local businesses bear the brunt of these challenges in the form of missed calls, missed sales opportunities, and customer experience problems.

DialogTech’s data shows that, on average, between 40-50% of calls placed to multi-location businesses are sales opportunities. And about one-third of those convert to an appointment or sale, leaving two-thirds unconverted. But not every sales opportunity is created equally. That’s where DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics Pro lead scoring comes in. Our advanced analytics are able to identify the unconverted sales opportunities with the highest purchasing intent and likelihood of a sale—what we call a “hot lead.” Our data shows that more than 10% of calls to local businesses are hot leads.

Think about that. 1 out of every 10 calls to your local businesses are high-intent customers who could have or should have converted. If your locations are each handling 200 calls per week from your marketing channels, that’s 20 highly qualified leads waiting for the competition to steal them away. If your average order value is $250, that’s more than $250,000 per year for each of your locations. That’s a lot of revenue left on the table. And it’s from leads that your marketing dollars already generated but operations didn’t convert.

Sample DialogAnalytics report

DialogAnalytics Pro highlights both lead volume and lead quality across an entire multi-location network

That’s where analytics can help bridge the gap between your top-of-the-funnel efforts and converting sales at the location level. The beauty and power of a phone call is that it holds insights that can help your organization optimize across the entire purchasing journey. DialogTech’s customers are finding the keys to unlocking those insights through DialogAnalytics Pro.

Let’s break that down:

  1. DialogAnalytics Pro’s revolutionary algorithms are helping digital marketers use lead scoring, tied to marketing attribution down to the keyword level, to allocate budget to campaigns driving the best leads, not just the most clicks.
  2. Marketers are taking those same phone calls and powerful KPIs to work with their sales operations to measure and manage operational performance focused on how locations are handling their valuable phone leads.
  3. And at the end of the day, that phone call gives marketers access to the actual voice of the customer—unfiltered, unbiased, and objectively measured. Forward-thinking marketers are using DialogTech’s email alerts to activate the data, down to the customer level, by alerting those in the field to act on the hottest leads and the most at-risk customers.

DialogTech Email Alerts Notify Businesses When Good Leads Don’t Convert

While managerial reports are essential to managing locations, they won’t help you win back calls that went poorly. And that’s why a critical feature of DialogAnalytics Pro is the packaging of insights into timely, simple, actionable alerts designed to give franchise owners and store operators access to bottom line-increasing information. More than just numbers in a dashboard, DialogTech’s analytics are sifting through the noise to deliver only the most impactful information your field team needs to increase traffic and sales.

Our clients are getting the hottest phone leads from the day before that didn’t convert right in their inbox, allowing for quick follow-up actions to turn the sale around. Owners and operators are also alerted to at-risk customers who need some immediate TLC before they write a scathing review online.

DialogTech Email Alerts

Sample DialogTech email alert listing CX issues with callers for a location

Leading Senior Care Provider Recovers Lost Revenue and Improves Customer Experience With Alerts

DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics Pro Alerts have identified thousands of missed revenue opportunities, helping businesses recover lost sales and retain more customers.  

A leading in-home senior care brand is relying on these alerts to notify their hundreds of franchisees when prospective clients with high purchase intent call, but the location is not able to schedule a consultation. Each alert highlights the most valuable interactions that need attention and includes the caller’s name, contact information, and a recording of the phone call for quick action. These franchise owners and managers are taking action by following up with the prospect to determine how best to serve their needs and win their business from the competition.

But something interesting happened when franchisees and managers started getting these alerts. Not only were they able to follow up with the most qualified prospects from the day before and drive more revenue for their business, but they also found a treasure trove of training opportunities for their staff to improve that all-important first moment of truth on the phone.

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