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DialogTech Launches New KPI to Detect Phone Calls Discussing the COVID-19 Vaccine

Derek Andersen Senior Content & SEO Specialist, DialogTech

With the COVID-19 vaccine distribution underway in the United States, people have a lot of questions. They want to know how they can get vaccinated, if companies are vaccinating their staff members, if a vaccination is required to use certain business services, and more.

Do you know how many people calling your business are talking about the vaccine? How are those calls trending over time? Are you getting more calls in certain cities and states than others? How is the vaccine impacting your business? Are there aspects or concerns about the vaccine you should leverage in your marketing and on your website?

One of the best places to get the answers is by analyzing phone calls to your business. The phone is the most common channel consumers use to ask their vaccine-related questions. COVID-19 has driven a sustained increase in phone calls, and these conversations can offer valuable insights into your customers’ needs and any barriers to purchase they face related to the coronavirus and the vaccine.

At DialogTech, we’re committed to helping our customers get the data and insights they need during this challenging time. That’s why, in addition to our KPI that flags coronavirus mentions in phone conversations, we’ve developed a KPI that detects when callers mention the COVID-19 vaccine. It provides an easy way for you to report on calls mentioning either or both by marketing source, day/time, location, and more and drill into the call recording and transcription of each call for deeper insights.

Below, we’ll cover how DialogTech’s new vaccination KPI works, as well as how marketers are using it to get answers and insights and to create better campaigns and experiences for their customers.

What Is DialogTech’s COVID-19 Vaccination KPI for Phone Conversations?

To help you understand the questions your customers have about the COVID-19 vaccinations, we launched a new KPI for the vaccine in DialogAnalytics, our AI-driven conversation analytics platform. DialogTech can now detect when your callers mention vaccination-related terms and visualize that data in a variety of reports and dashboards.

Sample DialogTech vaccination KPI report

Because it’s a KPI, DialogTech customers can also pass this new data into the other platforms you use to measure and optimize your marketing, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce, and Adobe Experience Cloud. You can then view the data in those reports and leverage the insights to inform messaging, bid strategies, audience segmentation, and more.

What Are Some Reports You Can Pull With DialogTech’s Vaccination KPI?

The more insights you have about how COVID-19 is impacting your business, the smarter marketing optimizations you can make. When someone calls, DialogTech’s HIPAA-compliant and PCI DSS-compliant call tracking and analytics solution records and transcribes the conversation. Then, DialogTech’s conversation intelligence technology analyzes those conversations to detect when your callers mention the vaccine and related subjects and visualizes that data in reports and dashboards. Below are some sample reports you can generate with vaccination KPI insights.

1. Understand the Volume of COVID-19 Vaccine Calls Over Time

With the COVID-19 vaccine KPI, you can easily see the volume of calls you are receiving that mention the vaccine. Trend reports show you how that volume is changing over time for quick insights. You can also use DialogTech’s COVID-19 KPI to then compare general coronavirus calls side-by-side with those that mention the vaccine to discover trends.

Sample DialogTech report showing vaccine-related calls over time

2. View COVID-19 Vaccine Calls by Marketing Source

Marketers are scrambling to adjust and adapt paid campaigns, social strategies, SEO, website content, email marketing, and other campaigns for a rapidly changing environment. Seeing the volume of calls where the conversations include the vaccine by marketing source (channel, campaign, ad, keyword, webpage, and more) can help you understand if your marketing channels are providing the right information about vaccinations — and which may require messaging updates.

Sample DialogTech report showing vaccine-related calls by marketing source

3. Understand If Vaccination Concerns Are Impacting Call Conversion Rates

For certain industries like senior care, physical therapy, and home services, hesitations about your staff’s vaccination status may be impacting conversion rates. DialogTech can isolate the calls discussing the vaccine and display reports on not only their volume, but their lead quality, conversion outcomes, and value — including if the caller rescheduled or canceled an appointment — so you can understand if vaccination concerns are costing you customers.

For example, senior care providers may see that calls driven from their website have a high number of conversations discussing the COVID-19 vaccine, and that many of those calls aren’t converting as expected. They can use that insight and DialogTech recordings and transcriptions to determine what the context of those mentions is and the messaging on their website to assuage concerns.

Sample DialogTech report showing sales opportunity and conversion rates of vaccine-related calls

4. View Vaccine-Related Calls to Each Location or Franchisee

COVID-19 vaccine distribution varies by state and county, and some of the locations you are driving calls to might be seeing more mentions of the vaccine than others. DialogTech can show you reports on call volume of vaccine-related calls by location or franchisee, so you can understand common questions and concerns by area and pivot your messaging and strategy accordingly.

Sample DialogTech report showing vaccine-related calls by location

How Marketers Can Activate Upon the COVID-19 Vaccination KPI

At DialogTech, we know data is only as valuable as your ability to act on it. Below, we’ve provided some examples of how marketers across industries can use our vaccination KPI to improve customer experiences.

1. Healthcare: Are Your Marketing Channels Driving Vaccination Appointment Calls?

Are you getting credit for all the vaccination appointments you’re driving from your marketing? Healthcare marketers can use DialogTech’s KPI to get attribution for the marketing channels and campaigns that are driving vaccination appointment calls. You can also drill into the call recordings and transcriptions to see what questions patients have about getting the vaccine and answer them on your website and other content or your DialogTech IVR (interactive voice response) to improve the experience and reduce unnecessary phone calls.

2. Healthcare: Are New Patients Making Vaccination Appointment Calls?

Healthcare marketers can also use the KPI to get attribution for the vaccination calls they’re driving from new patients. You can then retarget that audience with email campaigns, ads, or outbound calls to understand the next step for them as a new patient and capture more lifetime value from them.

3. Healthcare: Do You Have Enough Vaccine Doses to Meet Patient Demand?

With limited vaccine doses and an influx of callers asking about vaccination appointments, you may be having a hard time keeping up with your patients’ demand. Healthcare providers can use DialogTech’s vaccination KPI to build an audience of callers who asked about a vaccine appointment but were unable to get one due to a lack of doses. Once more vaccine doses become available, you can retarget this audience with an email, SMS, or voice broadcast campaign letting them know.

4. Multi-Location Organizations: What Are the Vaccination Trends by Location?

Vaccination distribution varies widely by state and city. If you’re a multi-location organization or franchise, your consumers may have totally different questions in one area of the country versus another. You can use DialogTech’s vaccination KPI to slice and dice the data by area of the country where the call originated and the franchisee that received it. You can then drill into the call recordings and transcriptions to understand common questions by area and update your local marketing to answer those questions.

5. Travel: Do Customers Have Questions About If Your Service Requires Vaccination?

As the vaccine becomes more widely available, certain travel providers have hinted that they may require proof of vaccination to book a trip. If you’re a travel provider who has or is thinking about mandating vaccination, DialogTech’s KPI can help you understand the questions callers have about this policy. You can then update your marketing accordingly to make sure your customers have all the information they need to make a booking.

6. General: What Common Questions Do Callers Have About the Vaccine?

Marketers across industries can use DialogTech’s vaccination KPI to understand the common questions callers have about the vaccine. Simply pull up a list of call records where the vaccine was discussed and drill into the recording and transcription of the call to learn more about the context and any concerns the caller had.

Sample DialogTech transcription of a COVID-19 vaccine phone call

You can use the insights to help determine if you need to give your audience specific messaging about the vaccine or COVID-19 more generally. You can then answer caller questions on your website, ensure your agents are properly trained to answer these questions, add info to your IVRs, write about certain topics in blog posts, send emails to the relevant audiences, and more.

7. General: Do Customers Have Concerns About Your Staff’s Vaccination Status?

As mentioned in the earlier example, marketers in industries like physical therapy, dental, senior care, and home services can use this KPI to understand if customers have concerns about their staff’s vaccination status. For example, a potential customer may be using a senior care provider if caregivers are unvaccinated.

You can use the KPI to see if these concerns about vaccination status are causing lost revenue or canceled appointments. To fix the issue, you can put additional messaging in your marketing campaigns, website, and IVRs to let your consumers know your staff is vaccinated.

Getting Started With DialogTech’s Vaccination KPI

Our vaccination KPI can be a powerful tool for helping you improve the customer experience. If you’re a DialogTech customer and want to learn more about adding the vaccination and/or the COVID-19 KPI to your account, contact your account manager today.

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