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DialogTech Activates Intelligence on Calls Across the Adobe Experience Cloud

Christie Huber Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

According to a recent Adobe study, 80% of businesses, whether digitally advanced or not, rank seeing the 360-degree view of the customer as a very important investment. In today’s smartphone, omni-channel world, where consumers research purchases online but often convert offline by calling the business, this customer view must include calls and conversations.

If you are an Adobe customer looking to leverage this important offline piece of the customer journey, DialogTech is proud to announce we’ve deepened our integration with Adobe, making it easy for marketers to activate deep insights on their callers across the Adobe Experience Cloud. This includes a new integration with Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Target and enhanced integrations with Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Analytics, as well as an integration with Adobe Launch.

Now with DialogTech, Adobe customers can view the entire customer journey, online and offline, for a complete understanding of how their digital advertising and website are driving clicks, calls, and customers. You can then make more intelligent optimization decisions to deliver more personalized customer experiences, generate higher conversions for less, and drive revenue.

Benefits of Integrating DialogTech and Adobe Experience Cloud

Today marketers bear the burden of delivering seamless, consistent, and personalized omni-channel experiences to their customers. For digital marketers in industries where consumers research purchases online but engage by calling — including those in the automotive, financial services, insurance, high tech, telecom, and travel spaces — that requires detailed data and insights for the calls and conversations generated by their marketing and websites.

How DialogTech Helps Personalize the Customer Journey

DialogTech provides deep, real-time actionable marketing analytics on inbound calls and conversations. When someone calls your business, regardless of the location, the DialogTech platform captures the marketing interaction (channel, ad, keyword search, website interaction) that drove the call, rich profile data on the caller, what was said on the call, caller intent, the outcome of the call, and much more.

Adobe customers can use that call attribution and conversation analytics data across Adobe Experience Cloud to more accurately measure marketing ROI, provide more personalized and relevant digital advertising and website content, and drive revenue:

1. Personalize the omni-channel customer journey:

Using the call attribution and AI-powered conversation analytics data provided by DialogTech — which identifies not only the marketing source that drove the call, but the caller’s buying intent and sentiment derived from analyzing the conversation — marketers can measure the offline impact of online campaigns within Adobe Analytics. That data can also be used to more effectively retarget callers across search, social, display, and other digital channels with Adobe Media Optimizer and create unique, personalized online experiences with Adobe Target.

DialogTech and Adobe Experience Cloud

2. Increase conversions with behavioral recommendations:

With DialogTech’s integration into Adobe Target, marketers can create unique experiences influenced by a customer’s online and offline behaviors, including the online ad campaign, keyword search, and webpage that drove the call and what the caller said when talking to the brand representative. These data elements create a rich profile of the customer’s potential interests and purchase intent and can be activated through DialogTech within Adobe Experience Cloud to produce more relevant recommendations and experiences, resulting in higher conversions and revenue. Consumers expect these highly personalized experiences in both B2B and B2C interactions with brands, and the DialogTech-Adobe partnership helps make it happen.

Consumers expect personalized digital experiences
3. Leverage granular, keyword-level data from Google call extensions:

DialogTech’s integration with Adobe Media Optimizer has also been enhanced to include keyword-level data from calls made directly from a call extension in AdWords. This data enables search marketers to optimize their AdWords bidding strategies in real time based on what keywords are generating the most quality calls, whether from the brand’s website or directly from the search ad.

Top marketers are already seeing the benefits of having access to this insight-rich data:

DialogTech Adobe Integration Customer Quote

In the next 12 months, 47% of companies in North America plan to increase their analytics budgets, according to Adobe research. If you’re a marketer committed to differentiating your brand via customer experience, you understand the importance of delivering seamless, consistent, and hyper-personalized omni-channel experiences. With DialogTech’s Adobe integrations, marketers are able to use data on callers to optimize ad spend and deliver more personalized experiences, lowering acquisition costs and maximizing returns.

To learn more about the benefits of activating data on your callers across Adobe Experience Cloud, request a demo of DialogTech today.

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