Introducing Conversation Insights™ Pro: The Easy-to-Deploy AI Call Scoring Solution for Marketing and Sales

Christie Huber Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of Conversation Insights™ Pro, an exciting new addition to our family of solutions for analyzing voice. At DialogTech, we believe in being the easiest company to work with, so we challenge ourselves to make everything easier — even AI. That is why we developed Conversation Insights Pro, which makes it easy for any business that values inbound calls to leverage the power of AI to analyze and score conversations for insights to improve marketing and sales. This revolutionary new solution is simple to implement and provides actionable data in easy-to-understand reports you can put to use right away.

The promise of AI is huge, but the barriers are high

As marketers and sales professionals, we have all heard the promises of what AI can do to make our lives easier and bottom lines grow. “The goal of AI technology is to free humans from some intelligence tasks so that they may more effectively focus on others,” according to Forrester. But have we really found an easy way to leverage AI?

According to AdWeek, eight in ten B2B marketing executive believe AI will “revolutionize” marketing by 2020. However, only 3% of marketers consider themselves experts on AI, based on a recent eMarketer report. Even when you look at those who identify themselves as “customer insights professionals,” 33% report they do not have the skills to build and support an AI system, according to Forrester research. But at the same time most of us know we must start using AI to provide better, more personalized customer experiences if we want to get ahead of the competition. In fact, 55% of marketers plan to use AI for personalization this year.

The importance of attributing and analyzing inbound calls for marketing and sales insights

Meanwhile, as AI has emerged as a potential game-changing tool to automate the analysis of marketing and sales data, inbound calls have continued to grow in importance for most businesses. Thanks to smartphones, consumers are now calling to engage with businesses hundreds of billions of times each year, and those calls convert to customers 10x more than web leads. Marketers and sales professionals alike can gain a huge advantage by understanding what is driving these valuable inbound calls their business receives, what is happening on these calls, and why and how calls are converting to appointments, opportunities, and revenue.

DialogTech’s call attribution solution has led the way in capturing this online-to-offline attribution data, including the marketing channel, ad, keywords, and website experiences that drove each call — as well as what happens on the call and if it converted. All of this data can help you optimize your marketing and sales tactics for better ROI. And now, with Conversations Insights Pro, we make it easy to use AI to uncover powerful insights from calls for you automatically.

How Conversation Insights Pro takes call analytics and scoring to the next level

The new Conversation Insights Pro analyzes and scores every call to determine caller intent, behavior, and outcomes using continuously learning AI algorithms tailored to your specific business. Based on our expertise analyzing billions of voice conversations, DialogTech has built dozens of proprietary sales and marketing call outcome indicators — such as “Appointment Discussed,” “Quote Requested,” and “Repeat Caller” — to easily score calls based on your needs. Using our ever-evolving AI algorithms, DialogTech analyzes all phone calls in real time to deliver 3 key metrics:

  1. Lead Score: Measure the quality of the calls generated by marketing to the business.
  2. Sales Opportunity:  Measure how many sales opportunities are driven by marketing campaigns and handled by each location or agent.
  3. Conversion Rate: When a business’s location or agent has a good prospect on the phone, measure how often they convert to an appointment, opportunity or customer.

The metrics are provided in easily consumable reports that visually show the lead quality or each call and the conversations that can be used as sales best practices to close more deals. Easily pass all calls — or only specific calls with the right outcomes — to the tools in your martech stack to improve digital ad targeting and trigger the next phase of the customer journey.

DialogTech Conversation Insights Operational PR

Benefits for marketers

“How can I validate the quality of the calls my marketing efforts are driving without manually listening to every call?” This is a question many marketers have asked, as we all want to prove the value of our marketing efforts, but few of us have the time to listen to the volume of inbound calls our businesses receive. The answer lies within Conversation Insights Pro — the solution automatically records, transcribes, categorizes, and scores every inbound call based on criteria tailored to your business.

With these insights, Conversation Insights Pro enables you to optimize your marketing and media spend based on what’s driving the best leads and be able to prove the full value of your campaigns to the business. Furthermore, it can show you specifically which online behaviors translate to the best offline sales results. This allows you to target your marketing campaigns across channels and generate more quality calls for a lower cost.

DialogTech Conversation Insights Pro- Marketing Dashboard

Benefits for sales managers

The above benefits are also crucial for sales managers that value inbound calls, but there are specific ways that Conversation Insights Pro can give you a unique sales advantage. The solution automatically flags calls that convert, providing insights into which types of calls are likely to become sales. This gives sales managers the data to not only see how often a deal is closed when a good prospect is on the line, but to also understand why those deals close.

As a sales manager, you can also see particular locations that are closing the most leads over the phone. You gain insight into what reps are saying at these locations to compile best practices you can share with other locations to improve performance. If you’ve ever wondered what days and times the best leads come in and how you can better prepare your sales team to handle these calls, we have the data for you as well. Conversation Insights Pro provides trends of when your calls are coming in so you can ensure you are properly staffed to handle the call volume.

How DialogTech helps make AI adoption easier  

According to Forrester research, the top three challenges obstructing the adoption of AI technology include the lack of a clear business case, business-focused AI talent, and well-curated training data.

Comfort Keepers, a leading senior care provider leveraging Conversation Insights Pro, has experienced firsthand how DialogTech makes the use of AI to analyze calls easier and highly beneficial. “Inbound calls are a critical source of leads for our organization,” said Bryan Huber, Global Vice President, Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers. “Using DialogTech’s Conversation Insights Pro, we were able to gain incredible insights into those valuable interactions. We didn’t need to hire a large team of data scientists and invest in AI tools. Conversation Insights Pro just worked. The data was delivered to us in a very straightforward, actionable way, allowing us to see what marketing efforts were driving the best leads and what best practices were being used to help close sales at the individual locations. Conversation Insights Pro is a game changer for us.”

Conversation Insights Pro is the newest addition to DialogTech’s family of solutions for analyzing voice, which also includes Conversation Insights, a self-service solution for marketers to efficiently analyze call recordings and transcriptions, and Dialog Analytics, the premier custom-built AI and machine-learning solution for enterprises.

Please give us a call at 877.725.7012 or request a personal demo to chat with someone today about how DialogTech’s Conversation Insights Pro can help you harness the power of AI.