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Compensation and Culture Make DialogTech a Top Employer

Amy Dolan Director of Human Resources, DialogTech

At DialogTech, data is everything. It’s what we provide our customers who use our phone call attribution and conversation analytics data to improve their marketing and drive growth. It’s also how our Human Resources team ensures we employ the best minds in the marketing technology space. We continuously evaluate our team members’ compensation structure, ensuring it is not only competitive, but also readily available to our team so that they understand how and why we consider annual raises, bonuses, and stock options.

Recently, our HR Department completed an in-depth internal study analyzing salary ranges (or compensation bands), as well as role definition. These compensation bands establish the salary thresholds for all roles within a certain level. After we identify the base and ceiling industry benchmarks for all jobs in that respective level, we use these bands to benchmark against our internal compensation to ensure fair, accurate and competitive pay for each role. Additionally, each role in our organization has a written job description which includes the KSAs — or knowledge, skills, and abilities — required for the role, as well as those KSAs to be mastered in order to move into their next role. With this information in hand, our team members are able to fully understand the salary potential of their current role and future roles they are interested in.

The findings from this analysis led the company to launch a transparent compensation and career growth policy. Sharing this public philosophy has several key benefits to our employees and future employees.


In an increasingly uncertain world, top talent is often looking for stability and clear information for their role, future career advancement, and compensation. Here at DialogTech, we make it a priority to show our current and future employees how valuable their careers are to us and what future professional growth could look like. Current employees have access to all job descriptions, job levels by department, and the compensation ranges that correspond to each level.

In terms of compensation ranges, we share the base and ceiling industry benchmarks for all jobs in a respective level. We do not share specific job titles that correspond to each level, as we want to protect employee anonymity and privacy for those that have unique roles. On the pay transparency spectrum below, DialogTech is proud be in between the “Why” and “Whoa” areas at the end of the spectrum.

Compensation Transparency Spectrum

We make it a part of our culture to explain why we pay like we do and align our talent strategy to business results. At the same time, we keep some specific salary and job title information private. By sharing an appropriate amount of salary information, employees feel secure that their compensation is fair, accurate, and competitive for their role.


At DialogTech, we are a team that lives by the motto “work hard, play often”. We want the best people on our team, and in turn, we reward the best. Having a compensation policy that is ahead of the curve competitively has played a critical role in fostering the healthy culture of the company. This culture includes free breakfast, healthy snacks, games, yoga, and an unlimited vacation policy! Since we live our values, we want our employees and potential employees to feel empowered to go the extra mile to advance in their careers, just as they would for our customers. Knowing and feeling fairly compensated improves overall career satisfaction and internal dynamics.

Career Development

With an easily accessible internal resource to view job descriptions and compensation bands across the organization, employees of DialogTech feel personally empowered to strive for the next level in their role or explore other departments of interest within the company. Clear career paths and ongoing communication about our philosophy helps employees feel motivated to continue to grow their careers and feel supported by like-minded coworkers.  

In the current competitive environment, we feel that it is more important than ever in the marketing tech and software industry for employees to know where they stand with compensation and future advancement. Being a data-driven technology company, it is important to also “eat our cooking” by using the latest data at our fingertips to stay on top of compensation trends. We reward excellence and achievement as we strive to employ the best minds in marketing technology. This mindset and policies, like our compensation philosophy, have helped land us on Crain’s Chicago List of Best Places to work.  

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