3 Industries That Need Call Tracking This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, but there are certain industries that are busier than others when it comes to inbound phone calls. Of course there are businesses like auto dealerships, jewelers, and electronics companies that we all think of as receiving tons of inbound calls during the holidays as shoppers want to ask questions about pricing, inventory, and store hours. Marketers at businesses that sell a large number of high-priced holiday gifts should track and analyze their calls in order to accurately attribute their marketing spend.

With over a decade of experience in analyzing call volumes and insights here at DialogTech, we have noticed there are also some often overlooked industries that must be tracking and analyzing their calls this holiday season.

If you are involved in marketing, sales, or call center operations for one of these industries that value phone calls, you should consider integrating call tracking data into your marketing strategy. Below are three industries that need call tracking this holiday season and how it can improve business:

1.Why gyms, fitness centers, spas, and other health-related industries should be tracking calls.

“It’s a New Year and a new you!” We’ve all heard this quote before and it motivates people to start thinking about their health and fitness going into the holidays and the New Year. There are a variety of reasons that customers call health-related business before and after the winter holidays. Many have questions about the fine print of gym or health spa memberships and are curious about the perks being offered in digital or print ads. Additionally, since the nature of customer questions to these business are often sensitive with regard to weight loss or other health problems, many individuals prefer to call. When it comes to health and wellness, people don’t want to communicate via an online form, email, or chat box, they want to talk to a real person.

How call tracking can help generate more business for health-related industries

Many marketers in these fields spend a great deal of money on marketing around the holidays. Without call tracking, you can not attribute the phone calls you are generating from your ad campaigns. For example, imagine you are running a Google AdWords campaign for your athletic club, but you are only tracking online metrics.

Google AdWords Campaign for athletic club
Be sure to track phone calls from Google AdWords campaigns.

In this case, any phone calls generated from this ad campaign are going into a marketing attribution “black hole”. If you know which advertising campaigns generate more calls, then you can allocate more budget to these specific campaigns.

2. Why nonprofits should be tracking calls.

The holiday season brings with it tons of food, gifts, and most importantly, a time for people to give back. Whether it be a local homeless shelter at a church or larger nonprofit organizations, people are going to be calling and looking to donate their time and money for good causes. Of course, charitable donations should be a year round exercise, but according to a recent study, over 20% of charitable donations to one philanthropy center are initiated from Thanksgiving to the New Year. In another study, over 40% of high-net worth donors (household income greater than $200,000) gave more during the holiday season. Without understanding where, how, and why all of these donations are being driven to your nonprofit organization, you could be missing out on some key conversion data!

How call tracking can help generate more donations for nonprofits

With extremely tight budgets and such a large amount of yearly donations funneling into nonprofits between November and January, these are crucial times to not only collect donations, but to collect data points to analyze and optimize around for the coming years. With people looking to get a full understanding of what they are giving to and how these donations will positively impact the nonprofit’s cause, individuals want to talk to a human being before making a significant donation.

Non-profit donors want to call.
Hearing another person thank them for their generosity is another reason (although for personal satisfaction) why a donor will opt to pick up the phone and call to make a contribution. Whether it be a simple $5 donation or a $100,000 donation, every dollar counts. Understanding where both offline and online conversions are occurring allows nonprofit marketers to optimize their marketing spend around campaigns, keywords, and sources that are driving the most philanthropic actions.

3. Why student loan companies need call tracking.

$30,100. That is the average amount of student loan debt that a 2015 bachelor degree recipient owed in student debt. 68% of students who graduated in 2015 left their college bubbles with a really expensive piece of paper and some type of debt. After graduating around May, fast-forwarding 6-months from graduation, and those same college graduates will get their initial notification that their first loan payments are due. Panic, uncertainty, and fear. That is what is going to start to creep into these 22-year-old brains — and what are they going to do? Pick up the phone and call a student loan forgiveness company in order to find a way to pay back this tremendous debt. Are you going to be ready for those calls come December?

How call tracking can help student loan companies generate more business

Recent graduates and young professionals are going mobile. According to BIA/Kelsey, digital ads will drive nearly 130 billion calls in 2017. Searches on mobile devices alone will drive 48 billion call conversions in 2017 as well. Without properly tracking and attributing these valuable offline conversions, companies will be missing out on a large amount of their conversion data. For these student loan companies who are looking to entice college graduates to refinance their loans through their services, you have to be aware that a phone call is an essential part of their business’s customer journey.

Why student loan companies need call trackingBy understanding what search, display, and social advertisements are driving the most phone calls — whether those calls are to find out more information or to actually sign up with that company — their marketing teams will have greater insights into their offline customer activities. More information equals better decision-making. Equip yourself today with an industry leading call analytics and attribution company and start making better decisions with your marketing dollars.

These industries and others can benefit greatly from tracking inbound phone calls — not only during the winter holidays, but year round. To learn more marketing and sales strategies to convert more callers to customers, please download The Marketer’s Big Book of Call Tracking Success Stories.

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