Inaccurate Marketing Data Beware! The Justice League of VBMA is HERE!

Do you ever feel like dark forces are working against your marketing campaigns, creating gaping holes in analytics reports that complicate ROI figures?

Have no fear! A few marketing superheroes are here to explain how their technologies can increase campaign efficiency and performance without placing a financial or IT burden on users. Our set of amazing marketing vigilantes work well on their own but offer an even bigger blow to reporting errors when they team up to form . *drum roll*

The Justice League of VBMA!

Let’s break down these defenders of accurate ROI one at a time.

Super Call Tracking Man

It’s a call from an email! It’s a call from a Google PPC ad! Not sure? Call Super Call Tracking Man! Sure everyone has heard of Superman, but he is not the only hero sweeping in to save the day. Super Call Tracking Man flexes advanced technology muscles that can track phone numbers from offline, online, and mobile marketing campaigns faster than a speeding bullet. Using his X-ray SourceTrak vision, Super Call Tracking Man can follow the source of phone calls to specific ads, keywords, social media activity, direct mail pieces, emails, or other communications.

How does he do it? Super Call Tracking Man inserts dynamic trackable phone numbers throughout marketing campaigns which are used to collect, measure, and optimize all leads to determine accurate ROI for each campaign. Thanks to his super memory powers, marketers can compare real-time data to historical reports to identify trends. Furthermore, Super Call Tracking Man’s ability to sniff out weak marketing campaigns make his powers perfect for A/B tests both online and offline. Up, up, and away!

Caped IVR Crusader

Just as Batman devoted his life and wealth to serving up justice to the underbelly of Gotham City, our Caped IVR Crusader is focused on enabling marketing, sales, and support teams to build a solution from the ground up to improve all aspects of voice-based communications with customers. Not a fan of waiting weeks for IT to build or update IVRs, the Caped IVR Crusader brings instant interactive voice response technology to teams on a single webpage. He’s kind of the strong, silent type. No unnecessary bells or whistles.

He may be a ball of complex processes on the inside, but users enjoy a simple interface with flexible functionality throughout. Leading by example, the IVR superhero offers templates to jumpstart projects as well as real-time reporting and analytics capabilities to ensure accuracy throughout the sales lifecycle. Having earned a reputation for housing the latest technologies and gadgets, Caped IVR Crusader provides users with user-friendly voice-to-text transcription software, speech recognition solutions, and human detection capabilities straight from his cave of voice solitude. Holy efficiency, IVR Crusader!

Intelligent Call Routing Woman

In case you forgot, Wonder Woman was famous for her sense of justice and lasso of truth. Wrangling up villains and teaching them a lesson was her MO. Our very own Intelligent Call Routing Woman also demonstrates expertise in corralling incoming calls and using her vast intelligence to determine exactly where each caller should be directed to ensure a satisfactory experience and increased sales revenue.

With a keen eye for details and insurmountable endurance, Intelligent Call Routing Woman can update specifics on the fly and ensure all calls are reaching appropriate endpoints based on caller needs, business needs, and available resources. Her vast intelligence enables her to direct calls depending on the marketing source, as well as geography, phone number, or other finite details. There’s no escaping her intelligent routing reach! Kablammy!

Green Virtual Call Center Lantern

Cloud-based marketing automation seems to appear out of thin air and do amazing things unseen to the naked eye, and virtual call center capabilities are no exception. Green Virtual Call Center Lantern possesses powers similar to the other famous Green Lantern superhero who can manipulate reality and demonstrate unfailing strength with the assistance of a single ring.

Our personal superhero also takes a single phone ring and builds an invisible call center to support a business all in the cloud. There is no need for hiring IT staff or installing and maintaining hardware, while companies enjoy the same perks and capabilities of a professional call center at a fraction of the cost. Green Virtual Call Center Lantern is able to control call acceptance, movement, and queues for advanced oversight of a customer’s experience and sales lifecycle from start to finish. His ability to make the impossible possible includes a vast selection of preferences for each user such as music and messages presented to callers. Shazam!

Voice Broadcasting Flash

Did you see him? The Voice Broadcasting Flash, a swift defeater of marketing message hiccups or delays in the sales lifecycle, can be hard to tie down. The Flash, his more popular counterpart, is known for running 10x the speed of light and being immune to telepathic attacks. Likewise, Voice Broadcasting Flash takes a company’s phone survey, customer notification, or appointment reminder and shoots it out to specific targets in the blink of an eye! He is also immune to common marketing hiccups and boasts a 100% on-time delivery guarantee. He is so fast and good at his job, there are real-time reporting capabilities available for swift decision making as well! Zap!

Fluid Integration Man

No suite of superheroes would be complete without that bridging force ensuring the powers to defeat evil function well in all environments. Aquaman made a splash with his ability to deliver justice from the depths of the ocean, while encouraging marine creatures to help whenever possible. Fluid Integration Man offers similar powers by connecting the other Justice League members’ capabilities to traditional marketing automation software and analytics solutions.

If a company already operates accounts with Salesforce, Google Analytics, ZenDesk, or other automated solutions, Fluid Integration Man is at your service. He can seamlessly integrate all activities and data generated by the Justice League of VBMA’s powers into existing accounts and portals for an even more complete picture of marketing ROI and performance.  Completely moldable to a company’s unique specifications, Fluid Integration Man simplifies the fight against marketing and customer service errors and inaccuracies even further by complementing existing technologies. Kapow!

To learn more about the suite of superhero solutions for voice-based marketing automation, check out The Definitive Guide to Voice-Based Marketing Automation today, and defeat the dark holes in marketing ROI!