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At DialogTech, we are proud to provide the most powerful call analytics platform that empowers marketers with the data they need to connect calls to the customer journey, personalize experiences, and drive revenue. One of the most valuable parts of the customer journey is caller experience, which can oftentimes make or break a sale.

Why the Caller Experience Matters to a Business’s Success

As consumers continue to invest in brands that deliver an unparalleled customer experience, it is imperative that the caller experience is seen as nothing less than exceptional. And that begins with the ability to route each caller to the right agents at the right destination to convert them to customers.

When consumers call your business, the experience matters. Studies show that 84% of callers* would cease doing business with a company after a negative call. Unanswered calls, long wait times and unhelpful agents are among the top complaints consumers have when calling businesses. Alternatively, 77%* of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides personalized services or experience.

Consumers Expect Personalization

*Sources: Forrester, Infosys

Introducing the DialogTech CallFlow™ Call Routing Engine

Connecting callers right away to the best location or sales agent is an important part of acquiring and retaining customers. That’s where DialogTech’s CallFlow™ comes in. Part of the DialogTech voice management platform, CallFlow is revolutionary contextual call routing solution that connects each caller in conversation with the most relevant agent or location right away.

Using CallFlow, marketers can set up rules and logic to automatically route callers based on a wide variety of data captured by DialogTech at the time of the call. Simply select the routing rules that make the most sense for your business and DialogTech does the rest.

  • Route callers based on the marketing source that drove the call
  • Route by the caller’s physical location
  • Route calls by day and time
  • Route calls by agent skill set and performance
  • Route callers with high buying intent to your best sales agents
  • Route repeat callers to the right destination
  • Route calls differently during peak hours
  • Route a specific percentage of calls to each location or agent

CallFlow Increases Marketing ROI

Whether connecting a caller to their local franchise from national ad campaigns or transferring them to a specialized sales team, CallFlow helps you gain three key benefits:

  1. Convert More Calls to Customers: Transfer prospective customer with high buying intent directly to the right sales team.
  2. Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences: Ensure that callers from your website and marketing are routed to the right destination for a seamless transition between and online and offline.
  3. Easily Configure Routing Rules: DialogTech is built for marketers to use, not IT. We make it easy for anyone to set up and update sophisticated call routing rules in minutes.
“With CallFlow we can personalize the caller experience by automatically transferring prospective customers with high buying intent directly to the right sales team based on location and our ability to best serve them. Its straightforward user interface has cut the time we spend on call routing in half, freeing up our team to spend more time on valuable lead optimization.”

Idrees Khan, Assistant Director at Copart
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Deliver Personalized Call Experiences to Win Customers

Each interaction with your brand is a small test or moment of truth. Consumers assume you know who they are and what they want at all times, across all channels. If you raise expectations through advertising, but fail to deliver when the customer calls, your business suffers.

Please give us a call at 877.725.7012 or request a personal demo to chat with someone today about how DialogTech’s CallFlow can help you complete the customer journey. You can also learn best practices for converting more callers to customers by downloading this eBook, The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Personalizing Caller Experiences.

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