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How We Busted 5 Phone Call Myths Harming Your Digital Marketing With Forrester

Kayla Hammersmith Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech

It’s time to bust some myths. No, not in a classic Discovery Channel MythBusters fashion, where Adam and Jamie find out if a piece of paper can be folded more than seven times (Spoiler alert: it’s possible, but not at home.)

We have our very own MythBusters on hand — Forrester Senior Analyst Dr. Kjell Carlsson and DialogTech’s VP of Marketing Strategy Jennifer Bassik — to dispel five common misconceptions surrounding phone calls. These phone call myths can hold your digital marketing back and negatively impact your organization’s ability to grow, innovate, and deliver the results that you want. 

That’s why it’s so important to hear Kjell and Jen break down these myths and deliver the reality checks you need to make sure you’re making the most of the call channel. If you want every bit of myth-busting information, check out the full on-demand webinar. For the biggest takeaways from Kjell and Jen’s conversation, read on.

Myth 1: Calls Aren’t Important to Digital Marketing Success

This myth is easy to clear up — after all, you just have to look to the results of this Forrester Consulting report to see that today’s marketers are aware of how important inbound calls are to their overall success. 

For this report, Forrester surveyed over 200 enterprise marketing decision-makers. Among other findings, Forrester found that 84% of marketers report that their calls have higher conversion rates and larger average order value. And that’s not all: 87% have seen conversion rates increase in the last 12 months. These numbers illustrate that marketers know that calls are a valuable piece of digital marketing success, and they’re even more important than they’ve ever been. 

Here’s how Kjell and Jen break it down.


Myth #2: Calls Won’t Be Important to Revenue Growth in the Long Run

Sorry, myth #2. All signs point to the contrary. Because consumer behavior is changing quickly and calls are even more vital in the COVID-19 world we’re all living in, marketers need to meet these new expectations and provide seamless experiences to handle calls effectively, drive business, and stay competitive.

That’s where conversation intelligence comes in. With conversation intelligence, marketers get actionable insights directly from the voice of the customer so they can better understand and predict consumer behavior, measure and optimize marketing performance, detect and correct call handling issues impacting sales operations, and deliver more personalized and relevant experiences online and over the phone. 

In fact, Forrester found that 89% of marketers find scaling AI-fueled conversation intelligence imperative to stay competitive. Watch Kjell and Jen bust this myth and dive into why inbound calls unlock can’t miss growth opportunities.



Myth #3: Marketing Shouldn’t Worry About Call Experiences at Locations and Call Centers

So calls are important to your marketing success, they drive revenue growth, and your campaigns are driving these valuable calls to your locations or call centers. Great! You’re almost at the finish line — but not quite yet.

What if these inbound calls aren’t being answered? Or what if they’re mishandled and left unconverted? In the past, some thought that marketers just needed to get calls coming in, and then their job is over. That’s not the case. You need to care about how your locations and call centers are handling the calls your marketing is driving — since that’s where the finish line gets crossed.

You need to ensure you’re not just driving calls, but providing the experiences the callers need to have positive conversations and ultimately convert. A conversation intelligence platform provides you with the insights you need

Listen to Kjell and Jen’s advice on how to resolve these call experience issues and drive powerful incremental growth from the call channel.



Myth #4: Technical & Organizational Challenges Make It Impossible for Marketers to Own the Call Channel

Like most myths, this one does have a grain of truth in it. It’s true that understanding and optimizing the call channel can be challenging. In fact, Forrester found that 72% of marketers find it challenging to get insights into offline customer behavior and 70% find the transition from online to offline — especially the call channel — to be a major blind spot.

So marketers still have blind spots, but with AI-powered conversation intelligence, you can resolve them. Before today’s technological capabilities, the call channel was an untapped gold mine of insights into your prospects and customers that was difficult to access. Now, you have the power to connect the omnichannel journey, understand how your digital efforts drive phone calls, and glean insights from these conversations at scale.

That’s why tapping into all the insights that the call channel has to offer should be a key component of your digital-first strategy. And you won’t be alone: Forrester found that 83% of marketers believe that call insights will help fill in costly blind spots from the online-to-offline customer journey.

Here’s Kjell’s advice on using AI to eliminate your blind spots.


Myth #5: My Marketing Organization Isn’t Ready to Leverage AI for Conversation Intelligence

This is a misconception that Kjell hears all the time. Even if you’re on board with the reality checks for the first four myths, you might think that your business isn’t ready to tackle the call channel. But for Kjell, that’s like saying your business isn’t ready for digital transformation, growth, or making quality improvements. 

Kjell believes that investing in conversation intelligence is the single-largest investment area for fast-growing companies — and that applies across industries and company size. In his experience, Kjell has seen sausage manufacturers, burger chains, and even a collective of cranberry farmers reap the benefits of conversation intelligence.

It’s no coincidence that Forrester’s study found that 86% of marketers say their firms plan to increase investment in conversation intelligence from consumer calls to their business over the next two to three years.

If you want to invest in your digital transformation and uncover insights that drive tangible improvements in your marketing strategy, sales operations, and customer experiences, you are ready to leverage conversation intelligence.

Need more convincing? Watch this. 



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