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10 Reasons to Consider Automated Appointment Reminder Phone Calls

Blair Symes VP of Product Marketing, DialogTech

Missed appointments are a serious problem for many industries. From furniture stores to restaurants to healthcare providers, people not showing up or not being at home for their scheduled appointment can have a major impact on your bottom line.

In the healthcare industry alone, the total cost of missed appointments in the US is over $150 billion a year.

Studies show that phone calls reminding customers and patients of their appointments — and enabling them to reschedule when necessary — are one of the most effective ways of reducing no-shows. But when done manually, outbound appointment reminder and rescheduling calls can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Automating this process using voice broadcasting can save businesses and medical practices time and money. A study from the Journal of Dental Education showed that by automating appointment reminders, dental offices were able to reduce no-show appointments by 30%. Following this reduction, the study found these offices were able to increase revenue by over $400,000.

If you are considering whether or not to automate your appointment reminder calls, here are 10 reasons why it is a great idea:

1. Increase Revenue:
Automated reminders can grow your business without increasing staffing expense. You can reduce no-shows and automate the process of calling customers or patients to fill open spots. A full practice is a profitable practice, and automated reminders are a great way to keep your calendar full.  

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction:
Consistent, productive interactions create satisfaction with your clients, increasing the likelihood they call you in the future. Automated reminders can also be used to gather feedback on the quality of your service.

3. Stop Calling on Empty Houses:
Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at your destination only to find your client is not there. A “no-show” wastes time. And, since “time is money,” no-shows also waste your money. Automated reminders ensures your client know you are on your way.

4. Handle FAQs Proactively:
Occasionally clients need to prepare for a deliver, repair, or routine medical appointment. Remind them to prepare and handle FAQs via an automated system that forwards more advance questions to a live support rep for answers.

5. Give Your Staff a Break:
Your support staff wear many hats, including making appointment reminder calls at the expense of other work such as payroll, sales, or service. Automated reminders go out automatically and can be programmed to answer questions, measure satisfaction, or reschedule appointments, freeing up your support staff.

6. Be Green:
It is estimated that delivery trucks account for about 20 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the U.S. transportation sector – that’s a lot of gas and pollution. Automate reminder calls can reduce unnecessary idling time and repeat visits.

7. Personalize Your Message:
No one enjoys generic automated calls, which is why personalization is important. Automated reminders can be personalized with your client’s name, the service you are performing, and virtually any other information you want to include.

8. Build Your Brand:
Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Automated reminders give you complete control over how you describe your service, so your clients hear the message you want them to hear. And, if you have multiple locations, each location can send the same, consistent message.

9. No Technical Expertise Required:
Anyone can send a voice broadcast to automate appointment reminder calls if you use the right service. You don’t need any special technical knowledge or IT experience. And you don’t need to buy any special hardware or install software. It’s all hosted online and works with any telephone.

10. Self Service, Cost Effectiveness, DIY:
Appointment reminder calls are easy with a voice broadcasting service. Just go online, record your message, and choose where you want the message to go and when. 

Go Configure Saves $70,000 by Automating Appointment Reminder Calls

Go Configure is a product delivery and installation company with over $14 million in sales. They implemented DialogTech’s voice broadcasting to automate calls to suppliers, drivers, and customers for each delivery. Within the voice broadcast, the customer is offered the option to transfer to an IVR or live agent. If the customer needs to reschedule their delivery appointment or ask questions, the voice broadcast will transfer them to an IVR (interactive voice response) or a live agent.

Prior to implementing voice broadcasting, Go Configure was making five calls for each customer delivery. Using voice broadcasts to automate these phone calls, Go Configure was able grow their business without increasing staffing expenses, saving the company over $70,000 per year.

Interested in Automating Your Appointment Reminder Calls?

If you want to see how much time and revenue you can save by automating your appointment reminder calls, request a demo of DialogTech voice broadcasting solution.