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Adobe + DialogTech: Better Customer Experience Marketing with Call Analytics

Blair Symes VP of Product Marketing, DialogTech

If you attended Adobe Summit this week, you heard a lot about the benefits of customer experience marketing.

Consumers today buy experiences, not just products. They engage with brands across a wide variety of devices, channels, and touchpoints — online, over the phone, and in person — and they expect each experience to be seamless and informed. They are rewarding the companies that deliver them while shunning those that don’t.

That’s where customer experience marketing comes in. It is a holistic, cross-channel approach to marketing that embraces the complexity of customer behavior and delivers consumers the right content and assistance at the right time to win their business and earn their loyalty.

Customer Experience Marketing Requires a Holistic View of Your Consumers

If you’ve left Adobe Summit ready to get started with customer experience marketing, you aren’t alone. And Adobe Experience Cloud is a powerful platform to help you do it. But to drive the best business results and deliver truly personalized experiences at scale, you need more than just data on how consumers engage with you online.

Customer experience marketing requires a holistic, comprehensive view of your consumers. That includes all the data people leave behind as they interact with your brand, including online sources like web and social, but also offline sources like calls to your business.

That last source is one marketers might overlook, but shouldn’t. In today’s mobile world, many customer journeys begin online but move offline when the prospect calls a brand’s call center or store location. Studies show that mobile search, social, and display channels will drive over 162 billion of these calls to businesses this year — more than doubling the volume from 2014. And Forrester says callers are often your best conversions, turning to customers 30% faster and spending 25% more than online conversions.

Activate First-Party Call Data Across Adobe Experience Cloud with DialogTech

When consumers call, those conversations are a rich source of insights that are invaluable to customer experience marketing. At Adobe Summit, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen spoke about the importance of building deep, real-time customer profiles — well there is no greater source of intelligence for your consumers than what they say when they call you.

That’s where DialogTech comes in. The DialogTech platform not only attributes what drove each call, it analyzes the conversation to provide marketers with deep, actionable analytics on callers:

  1. Call Attribution: When a consumer calls, DialogTech’s SourceIQ™ captures information on the caller, their geographic location, the day/time and duration of the call, and the marketing interaction that led to it.
  2. Conversation Analytics: DialogTech’s DialogAnalytics™ records and transcribes calls and analyzes every conversation at scale using AI, uncovering insights into each caller’s intent, interests, objections, and stage in the customer journey, helping you build out rich, actionable consumer profiles.

By turning calls to your business into first-party data and activating it across Adobe Experience Cloud, DialogTech helps you deliver more personalized experiences and grow revenue faster.

Use Case: Jennifer the Prospective Dental Patient

Let’s summarize how this works using the fictitious example of Jennifer, a 25-year old software developer who recently moved to Dallas and started a new job. Jennifer is looking for a dentist in her area, and is especially interested in whitening services. So she grabs her phone and goes on to Google, runs a search for “dental whitening services near me,” clicks an ad from DentalServices4U, visits their website, and calls.

Jennifer speaks to one of their call center agents, asks some specific questions about their whitening services and pricing, but ends the call without booking an appointment. DialogTech attributes the call, analyzes the conversation using AI, and passes those insights to Adobe Experience Cloud. The data from DialogTech helps build out a detailed customer profile for Jennifer that the DentalServices4U marketing team can use to deliver more personalized, relevant content to win her business. So now:

  1. Because she is a good lead, DentalServices4U adds Jennifer to their audience segment in Adobe for new patients interested in whitening services. Jennifer is then shown relevant ads on Facebook and other websites offering her deals on first-time whitening.
  2. When Jennifer revisits the DentalServices4U website, Adobe Target now knows to serve her relevant content about whitening services on their home page, increasing her chances of conversion.
  3. When she calls again, DialogTech routes her to an agent trained to handle new patients interested in whitening, and this time she signs up for an appointment. DialogTech again attributes and analyzes the call and passes the data to Adobe.
  4. DentalServices4U then moves Jennifer to the audience segment for converted leads for their whitening service. They stop showing her ads for the service she already signed up for, and instead target her with ads for related products and services.
  5. DentalServices4U also moves Jennifer to their audience segment for lookalikes, so they can show their ads to new consumers with similar characteristics and behaviors.
  6. Finally, the marketing team sees in Adobe Analytics what search keywords, display ads, and targeting strategies are driving quality calls for their downtown Dallas location, and optimizes spend accordingly.

By capturing offline insights from calls and activating that in Adobe, DentalServices4U can win more customers by personalizing consumer experiences, online and over the phone. Let’s illustrate this further by breaking it down by Adobe product:

Adobe Analytics + DialogTech: Complete Your View of the Customer Journey

By passing nuanced data on callers into Adobe Analytics, marketers can see how their channels, ads, search keywords, and webpages drive calls and customers. DialogTech eliminates the blind spot calls cause in Adobe Analytics, so you can generate holistic reports that measure the true impact of campaigns on business outcomes. For example, you can compare what keywords, webpage variations, locations, or times of day drive the most high-value calls and optimize accordingly.

Adobe Advertising Cloud + DialogTech: Optimize Programmatic Buying Using First-Party Conversations

Including call analytics in Adobe Advertising Cloud enables you to generate more conversions for less by optimizing for what’s really working, both online and offline. You can increase marketing ROI from search, social, and display by leveraging intelligence on what’s driving the right types of callers to your business. For example, an insurance provider can use Adobe and DialogTech to optimize for the search keywords driving the most new policy calls. Or a senior care marketer can optimize for the display campaigns driving the most calls that converted to appointments.

Adobe Audience Manager + DialogTech: Build High-Converting Audiences with Insights from Customer Conversations

With Adobe Audience Manager and DialogTech, you can create better-converting audience segments using deep insights from calls and conversations. Marketers can grow revenue by combining attributes from digital and call data into high-value audiences for ad targeting. For example, you can add callers who didn’t convert to search and display campaigns designed to get good leads to reengage. You can also add good callers to lookalike campaigns to extend your reach and target new high-value audiences resembling your best customers.

Adobe Target + DialogTech: Use Intelligence on Callers for More Engaging Experiences Across Channels

By including AI-driven insights from your callers in Adobe Target, you can deliver more relevant, engaging experiences across all channels, devices, and customer touchpoints. For example, you can optimize for the webpage variations that drive not only the most online leads, but quality sales calls as well. And using what’s said on calls to understand caller intent enables you to personalize content more accurately to drive more conversions and customers.

DialogTech Helps One of the World’s Largest OEMs Drive Calls and Sales

Let’s look at two real DialogTech customer examples of how this is working: one in automotive and one in travel. First, one of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers didn’t know how their search and digital marketing was generating calls and vehicle sales to their 1,000+ dealerships. They also needed insights into which pages on their Tier 1 and Tier 2 websites were driving revenue-generating calls.

So the OEM turned to DialogTech to get the call analytics data they need. They integrate DialogTech with Adobe Analytics and their CRM system for full insight into how their marketing efforts are driving leads and customers, both online and over the phone. By capturing analytics and attribution on calls, their marketing team is able to get credit for helping to drive 59% more revenue on average each month. They have the holistic view of the consumer they need to make smarter optimizations to drive growth.

Global Cruise Line Uses DialogTech and Adobe to Optimize Search ROI

In another success story, the marketing team at a large cruise line believed SEO and paid search drove high volumes of inbound calls and bookings, but couldn’t prove it. They also didn’t know which keywords drove the best-converting calls. So they used DialogTech to analyze inbound calls from organic and paid search, and passed call data to Adobe Experience Cloud and Salesforce to track both calls and web forms from source to sale.

DialogTech showed the cruise line which channels and keywords drove the most bookings from calls. For example, the learned that calls from paid search drove more revenue than calls from SEO, and that calls from branded keywords drove twice as much revenue as calls from non-branded ones. Passing this DialogTech data to Adobe Experience Cloud enabled them to automatically allocate the right budget to the keywords driving the most bookings, which generated a 6% lift in revenue in just two months.

Are You Using Insights from Callers to Improve Customer Experiences?

To learn more about 7 types of insights you can uncover from consumer conversations, download the DialogTech ebook, The Digital Marketer’s Playbook for Voice Analytics. Also, Adobe customers interested in leveraging insights from callers to improve customer experience marketing can get started by requesting a walkthough of the DialogTech platform.


To learn more about using insights from consumer calls to personalize experiences and drive revenue, download our ebook: The Digital Marketer’s Playbook for Voice Analytics.

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