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DialogTech for Dental Helps Marketers Convert More Callers to New Patients

Derek Andersen Senior Content & SEO Specialist, DialogTech

New patients prefer to contact dental practices by calling—over 70% of dental patients schedule their first appointment on the phone. While most dental marketers are tracking the analytics from their digital channelsand using that data to inform strategy and spendphone calls are often a data black hole.

DialogTech for Dental is a call tracking and analytics solution that fills this knowledge gap, connecting digital and offline marketing with resulting new patient calls by collecting marketing analytics from the call channel at scale with an industry-trained, HIPAA-compliant AI model specific to dental. Using DialogTech for Dental, marketers can make smarter optimizations to maximize new patient calls, reduce costs per acquisition, and create better, more relevant experiences for each caller that result in higher call-to-appointment conversion rates.

How Does DialogTech for Dental Work?

Insert trackable phone numbers in your dental ads

Step 1: Patients call your practice from a trackable phone number on your website, from call extensions in search results, or in your offline campaigns and other marketing.

DialogTech for dental transcribes phone conversations

Step 2: The marketing source that drove the call—along with information on the caller such as their name, phone number, and location—is captured, and the caller is automatically routed to the best agent or location to assist them based on their data and your unique business rules. The resultant phone conversation is recorded, transcribed, and stored along with the information on the caller and what drove the call.

DialogTech's AI analyzes calls to generate reports

Step 3: DialogTech for Dental’s AI algorithm built specifically for dental groups analyzes the transcription to determine many factors including the call’s intent, urgency, outcome, and potential value as a patient.

DialogTech integrates with your martech stack

Step 4: The call data is activated in the search and digital ad platforms you use, as well as your CRM and the digital marketing tools in your martech stack, to better inform your digital and offline strategies and personalize patient experiences.

Optimize Your Ad Spend to Drive More Valuable Calls

DialogTech for Dental provides complete marketing source attribution, tracking how many calls are driven to your locations by your channels, campaigns, ads, search keywords, and website pages.

In addition to tracking the quantity of inbound calls driven by each marketing channel, DialogTech for Dental can identify the quality of those calls. By leveraging an AI model trained by millions of calls to dentists’ offices, DialogTech for Dental can capture key indicators from conversations, such as:

  • the intent of the caller
  • services they expressed genuine interest in (i.e. cleaning, teeth whitening, cavity filling)
  • if they’re a new patient
  • if they have a family
  • their sentiment on the call
  • if an appointment was set
  • the caller’s predicted value

With these insights, you can adjust your digital ad spend to drive more high-quality calls to your practices. For instance, let’s say your dental practice’s marketing goal is to drive a lift in new patients. To achieve this, you allocate your marketing spend to two different paid search campaigns. The below metrics, obtained from a basic call tracking solution, have led you to allocate the majority of your budget to Campaign A:

Paid Search Campaign A: Drove 75 calls

Paid Search Campaign B: Drove 50 calls

However, you have no insights about the value of these calls. With DialogTech for Dental, you see that though Campaign B is driving less calls, it’s driving more new patient leads and revenue for your practice. Based on this data, you can allocate more spend to Campaign B—the true top performer.

DialogTech for Dental beta customers made similar optimizations and reduced their cost per lead by an average of 50%.

Improve the Caller Experience to Boost Conversions

Driving calls to your practices is only half the battle—your marketing ROI also depends on the experience you provide to callers. Expectations for the consumer experience have never been higher—and that includes the call experience. According to a recent Salesforce survey, 80% of today’s customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Additionally, 57% of consumers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience.

To provide a seamless call experience, marketers are leveraging DialogTech for Dental to route callers to the best resource to assist them. For example, you can automatically route callers to your nearest dental office. If wait times are high or receptionists are too busy to pick up the phone, you can automatically route them to a call center to ensure no call goes unanswered. In addition, you can route them based on the marketing source they called from. If someone called from a paid search ad with the keyword “invisalign,” you could route them to your nearest orthodontic practice instead of to one of your traditional dental practices.

Automatically Coordinate Between Marketing and Operations

DialogTech for Dental is trained to identify hot phone leads who ultimately didn’t set up an appointment as well as callers who expressed frustration or had a customer experience issue. Once a hot lead or CX issue is detected, an email alert will automatically be sent to both marketing and operations. They can then drill into the call transcripts to identify what went wrong and determine how to follow up with the caller to recover the lost opportunity.

DialogTech automatically sends hot lead and customer experience issue alerts

Case Study: Dental Support Organization Uses DialogTech for Dental to Cut Costs Per Lead in Half

This dental support organization (DSO) has helped over a million children in underserved communities gain access to quality dental, vision, and orthodontic care. They use DialogTech to track, analyze, and route calls from their marketing.

“Before DialogTech, we had no idea how our marketing was generating calls and what our cost-per-call was for each marketing channel,” said the Director of Marketing at the DSO. Using DialogTech, the DSO now knows the marketing channel, ad or direct mail, search keyword, and website interaction that drove each call, as well as data on the caller, their location, and what happened on the call.

Marketing Routes Calls to Best Agent

The DSO organizes its call center agents by territory, with agents booking appointments for specific geographies. They use DialogTech to automatically route calls to the right agents based on each caller’s location, providing callers with the best assistance right away.

Analyzing Conversations Provides Marketing Insights

According to the Director of Marketing: “Generating new patients is how our marketing can really move the needle, and we use DialogTech to analyze conversations to see which channels drive the most calls from new patients. DialogTech shows us every call where important words are spoken by the right party, and that helps marketing see how to allocate budget to drive the most new-patient calls.”

Impressive ROI Fueled by Call Analytics

“Now that we have complete analytics on marketing performance, we are able to make smarter optimizations. With the help of call analytics from DialogTech, we’ve decreased our cost per lead by over 50%, so we can invest our marketing dollars for what is generating the most new appointments for children in need of healthcare.”

To learn more best practices to convert callers to dental patients, check out our DialogTech for Dental Toolkit.

To learn more best practices to convert callers to dental patients, check out our DialogTech for Dental Toolkit.

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