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3 Ways DialogTech’s New Integration With Facebook and Instagram Empowers Marketers With Call Data

Katherine Buchholz Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

When was the last time you logged into Facebook or Instagram? Was it from your smartphone? Chances are it was. In fact, over 80% of users do. Instagram now has over 700 million users and Facebook has over 1.1 billion mobile-only users. Thanks to the mobile nature of both social platforms, marketers are seeing conversions from Facebook and Instagram made increasingly over the phone. According to analyst firm BIA/Kelsey, social media ads will drive over 19 billion calls to US businesses this year, a 240% increase from 2014.

See Calls Next to Clicks in Facebook Ads Manager

It’s now critical to see call data alongside click data within Facebook Ads Manager for your Facebook and Instagram advertising. Without this information social ad performance data is skewed, targeting can’t be honed to reach past callers or lookalike audiences, and it can hurt your optimizations and ROI.

With DialogTech’s integration with the Facebook Offline Conversions API marketers can send offline conversion events to Facebook Ads Manager. This allows you to see how many of your customers viewed or clicked on Facebook or Instagram ads before converting offline with a phone call.


Here are 3 ways our new integration empowers marketers with call data.

1. Gain a Holistic View of Social Campaign Performance

Whether calls happen directly from a Call Now ad button or after a consumer clicks through to the advertiser’s website, DialogTech maps that conversion to the appropriate campaign, ad set, and ad that drove it in Facebook Ads Manager. Marketers get a holistic view of how their social ads drive online and call conversions, so they can make smarter optimizations. You can:

  • View both online conversions and phone call leads in your Facebook Ads Manager with DialogTech’s seamless integration
  • Easily make optimizations with call data in the place you manage Facebook ads
  • Understand how Facebook and Instagram ads influence phone call leads with view-through attribution

Westgate Resorts, one of the largest resort developers in the world, uses the DialogTech integration to acquire more customers from Facebook ads. “DialogTech shows us exactly how our Facebook ads drive callers that become customers, so we can optimize performance for what’s really working,” said Camila De Bierre, Social Media Specialist at Westgate Resorts.

2. Optimize More Intelligently and Improve ROI

Marketers can use call insights from DialogTech with the online data in Facebook Ads Manager to optimize for what’s really driving the most conversions and customers, whether online or over the phone. You can:

  • Get credit (view-through attribution) when a consumer views an advertiser’s ad on Facebook or Instagram without acting, but converts later by calling from a different marketing channel
  • Make informed optimizations to improve your ROI by knowing which campaigns, ad sets, and ads are driving both online and offline conversion events
  • Close the loop on attribution by analyzing each call’s content through recordings, transcriptions, and call classifications

3. Gain Audience Insights and Expand Your Reach

Increase your audience intelligence and hone your targeting by understanding which types of consumers prefer to call. Use this information to reach the right people, with the right message, and the right call to action. You can:

  • Expand audience targeting by building lookalike audiences based on call data to reach other consumers that may be likely to call and become customers
  • Decrease your ad spend by excluding callers that became customers from seeing your ads again
  • Retarget past customers that have a high propensity to call with upsell or cross-sell messaging
  • Re-engage past callers with ads and landing pages optimized to drive calls or they can exclude callers that became customers from seeing their ads again

Take Westgate’s use of Facebook’s targeting options, for example. Callers from their Facebook ad campaigns are now some of their best converting leads. De Bierre explains, “We’ve also seen great results using DialogTech data to target past callers and new lookalike audiences with Facebook ads encouraging them to re-engage over the phone.”

Part of DialogTech for Social

The integration is part of the DialogTech solution for social advertising, the only end-to-end solution for phone calls from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. DialogTech makes it easy for marketers to measure and optimize calls from social ads, activate call analytics data throughout their marketing stack, capture and analyze phone conversations for insights and personalize each caller’s experience to help sales teams convert more calls to customers.

Learn more about the integration with Facebook and Instagram, or request a demo and see it in action.