3 Studies to Make You a Better Insurance Marketer 


The world is becoming more and more mobile, and so are consumers. Thanks to smartphones consumers have access to a wealth of information right at their fingertips. It’s why they often reach for their smartphones when they begin the research phase of the customer journey. However, even though mobile technology offers convenience for the modern consumer, there are instances when it’s not enough.

Sometimes, a conversation with a real human being trumps trying to communicate online. It offers a high-touch, intimate customer experience that cannot be experienced online. And the insurance industry is one industry where this notion holds extremely true.

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To be a successful insurance marketer, you must recognize why a phone call is an important conversion and here are 3 studies that explain why:

Insurance Shoppers Convert by Calling

With the wide adoption of smartphones, the way insurance shoppers research and engage with insurance agencies online has changed. Their online customer journey includes calls. Insurance shoppers prefer calling rather than filling out a web form on a landing page because agents can provide immediate answers over the phone.

J.D. Power found that 74% of insurance shoppers conduct research online, but of those shoppers, only 25% end up making their purchase online. The majority of insurance shoppers purchase offline because they want to speak with an agent, and they do so by contacting an agent or the insurer’s call center.

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This goes to show that when insurance shoppers are ready to engage with insurance providers and make a purchase, they convert offline by calling. As an insurance marketer, if you only measure web form fills and exclude phone calls, your ROI could be off by 50% or more. This can resulting in improper allocation of budgets to the wrong campaigns.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Insurance shoppers research online, but convert offline by calling. Comscore found that regardless of age, an average of only 29.7% of shoppers will purchase online. The majority will buy in-person or over the phone. And even more interesting, 74% will never purchase online.

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They Call Regardless of Industry

This goes back to conversation. It offers a human experience that cannot be replicated online, and this is especially true insurance industries like auto, home and health, where it’s a very considered and often expensive or complicated purchase. Insurance shoppers can obtain quotes online, but they’ll get faster answers to their personal questions by speaking with an agent.

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You’ve seen that insurance shoppers want to research online, but often convert by calling. It’s critical that you’re optimizing your digital marketing to drive these calls. Get the Insurance Marketer’s Playbook for Call Conversions to learn the latest ad, targeting, and landing page strategies that Facebook, display, email and search advertisers use to drive quality calls. You’ll also learn about the call attribution technologies needed to accurately measure CPL and ROI.