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10 Quick Tips to Drive More Dental Leads From Facebook

Derek Andersen Copywriter, DialogTech

68% of the US adult population is on Facebook and 70% of those users engage with the platform daily. This means there’s a massive audience of potential dental patients at your disposal who you can access with Facebook’s highly targeted ads.

Consumers who use each social media platform by year

Source: Pew Research Center

For a dental practice, one of the best ways to drive conversions that result in new patients from Facebook is to direct ad clicks to your landing page where prospective patients can call to book an appointment.

As a dental marketer, you know that calls are a valuable channel for dental practices. In fact, calls convert to customers 10-15x more than web leads. These Facebook dental marketing ideas will help you generate more phone leads and a higher marketing ROI.

Easily Find Dental Patients More Likely to Call

Driving dental leads with Facebook starts by getting your mobile News Feed Ads seen by smartphone users. Desktop users can pick up a phone and dial your number, but smartphone users can call you with just a tap of the finger.

  1. Know Your Audience: Consumers who have already shown interest or interacted with your business are more likely to call. This audience is highly convertible and responds well to retargeting. Retarget those who have previously called but didn’t convert to an appointment by showing them dental ads for the service they’re interested in that encourage them to call again and book an appointment. The right call analytics solution for dental groups can help provide this data on callers.

Target Patients With Techniques That Work

After you have an understanding of which types of consumers prefer to call, use that information to target new audiences that resemble customers who called you in the past. These lookalike audiences help you confidently expand your reach by using data on good callers that became new patients to drive more calls that convert. Go deeper with your Facebook targeting with these tips:

  1. Patients Shop Locally: The majority of dental practices draw clients from within 10 miles of their location. Make your ads more engaging by targeting people who live within 10 miles, adding local flair to your creative, and using a local phone number and address on your landing page.
  2. Look For Life Events: Be there when patients need you most by serving ads specific to what is happening in their lives. For example, if someone has recently moved to a new city or started a new job they may also be in need of a new dentist. Or serve ads promoting dental whitening to newly engaged couples who will be participating in photo opps and will want a bright smile.
  3. Interests and Behaviors: Target Facebook users who have expressed interest in dental-related pages or have purchase behaviors similar to those who are likely to respond to dental offers.

Capture Attention With the Right Facebook Ads

As stated earlier, the most effective way to drive calls from Facebook advertising is to drive visits to your website where you can encourage them to call. But first you have to serve an ad good enough to interrupt scrolling and make someone want to click. Try these tips to drive more clicks on your Facebook ads:

  1. Extend an offer: Facebook users want special offers. Incentivize them to click your ad by prominently displaying an offer on the ad itself. Then direct the ad to a landing page where you can offer additional details and encourage the shopper to call to take advantage of the deal.
  2. Tell a Story: According to Facebook, carousel ads consistently drive higher engagement than single-image ads. Use a series of images that showcase your dental practice’s unique qualities and tell an interesting narrative.
  3. Timing Matters: Schedule ads on a macro- and micro-level based on when patients have the need and availability to place a call to your business. Schedule dental cleaning ads for the new year when dental benefits renew or show ads during times of the day when people are more likely to be scrolling Facebook and are available to place a phone call to schedule an appointment.

Follow Through on Landing Pages

Providing a rewarding landing page experience once shoppers click your ad will create a consistent experience and help you gain trust with shoppers. Use these tips to ensure a great cross-channel shopping experience.

dental facebook landing page
  1. Mobile Optimization: 67% of social media users access platforms through mobile apps. This means they’re using Facebook in a digital environment specifically designed to provide a rewarding mobile experience. When users click on your ad and land on your page, it’s important to provide an equally good user experience. Optimize for mobile and give users a responsive page that is easily readable and navigable on their smartphones.
  2. Make it Easy to Call: Click-to-call buttons are easy to find and automatically dial your business. Place them above the fold on every page to make it easy for prospective patients to find your phone number.
  3. Personalize the Consumer Experience: Because dental patients are local patients, tailor content with a local touch. Direct users to a landing page that’s customized to them, from messaging, to imagery, to a local phone number. When they call, use their location and online interactions to automatically route them to your closest location. Or if you send calls to a call center, route them to the best agent to assist them based on what you know about the caller. Again, a call analytics solution can help with the routing of callers and provide data on them to your call center agents at the time of the call.

Drive More Dental Patient Leads With Call Attribution and Analytics

Getting accurate attribution on what marketing interaction drove the call and analytics on the conversation to measure the call’s value and outcome is critical to understanding the impact phone calls driven from digital marketing have on your business.

According to the Local Search Association, 71% of dental patients ran a search before scheduling an appointment. This is why dental marketers must connect inbound calls to marketing performance and ROI.

To learn more strategies and solutions to help drive new patient calls to your dental practice, download our Dental Toolkit.

To learn more strategies and solutions to help drive new patient calls to your dental practice, download our Dental Toolkit.

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