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10 Quick Tips To Drive More Insurance Leads From Facebook

Blair Symes Senior Director of Content Marketing, DialogTech

Speaking with a human-being has always been a critical element to buying insurance. Whether it’s life, home, automotive, or health insurance, a real-life conversation is likely to happen at some point along the customer journey. Why is that?

There’s often a lot to consider when buying insurance. Put your insurance shopper hat on. You’re unique. Your life and needs are not the same as your friends, co-workers, or even your favorite barista. A spoken conversation with an agent is the best way to get quick answers to your personal questions before making a financial commitment to a complex service.

As an insurance marketer, it’s important to recognize that while most insurance shoppers research insurance online, only 25% follow through with buying online. Conversation matters. And what better way to create a conversation than by leveraging your digital marketing to drive more calls to your agents?  

There’s a lot to learn, but let’s start with Facebook. After all, Facebook is predominantly accessed by smartphone users, which makes Facebook a great platform for quickly connecting insurance shoppers with your agents. Here’s how.

Easily Find Consumers More Likely to Call

The first step to driving conversations is by getting your mobile News Feed ads in front of smartphone users. Yes, a desktop user can call by another device at another point, but a smartphone user can call right away during the same experience.

Do you know who else is more likely to call? Someone that has already shown interest in your services. Think of this audience as low-hanging fruit that’s within reach. Retarget consumers who have previously called you from your site or mobile app. They’ve already shown a desire to call – so show them ads that encourage them to re-engage by calling.

Think Outside The Box

Once you’ve found a targeting strategy that drives calls, expand your reach by targeting new audiences that resemble customers who have called you in the past. These are lookalike audiences. These people look like your ideal customers. You can even take it one step further and try adding these targeting options to help drive calls from insurance shoppers:

  • Local Matters: 44% of smartphone users expect insurance agents to be within 5 miles of them. Geo-target people near your agents or branch locations and make ad content hyper-local by including a local address and phone number. Using a “Call Now” button in your Local Awareness Ads is also a simple and effective tool for driving calls to agents directly from your ads.
  • Life Events: Set triggers for different types of insurance purchases. Show specific messages to take advantage of what’s happening in your audience’s lives. For instance, target married couples with first-time home buyer ads or those that just had a child with upgrades to life insurance ads.
  • Interests and Behaviors: Target people that have expressed interest in or have liked insurance-related pages, or have purchase behaviors similar to those that are likely to respond to insurance offers.

Capture Attention With The Right Ads

How do you get a Facebook user to start thinking about insurance? How does an ad spark action? You won’t know until you test, but one thing is clear: the most effective way to drive calls from Facebook advertising is to first drive visits to your website where you can encourage them to call. But how do you stop someone from scrolling through their Facebook News Feed so they’ll click on your ad? Here are some ideas:

  • Extend an Offer: One way is by presenting them with a great offer or incentive. Give users a reason to click through to your landing page where you can offer additional details and incentivize them to call. 
  • Tell a Story: Carousel ads are very helpful in capturing attention and creating a visual story. According to Facebook, this format consistently drives higher engagement compared to single-image ads. Showcase your brand’s uniqueness in bite-sized bits using different images to tell an interesting narrative. 

Follow Through on The Landing Page

As mentioned earlier, it’s likely that you will drive your calls from your Facebook audience once you get them to click through to your landing page. While these tips might sound like a broken record, it’s critical that you don’t skip out on them as they will help you improve your conversion rates.

insurance facebook landing page

  • Mobile Optimization: If you’re not optimizing your landing pages for mobile then you aren’t creating a good user experience for the mobile users you’re targeting. Make it easy for smartphone users to navigate your website by optimizing for mobile. Don’t force your audience to pinch their screens to view your content.
  • The Call Experience: Click-to-call buttons are easier to find and automatically dial your business. Place it above the fold on every page or in the middle if you’re targeting Facebook smartphone users with an inclination to call.
  • Make It Personal: Tailor content for local if you’re targeting local shoppers with your Facebook ads. Direct them to a landing page that’s customized to them, from messaging to imagery to the local phone numbers. 

Drive More Insurance Leads With Call Tracking 

We’ve only broken the surface in terms of the vast ways you can drive phone conversations from Facebook. The next step is learning how to use call tracking technology to track and understand the effect of phone calls from your digital marketing.

According to J.D. Power, nearly 75% of online insurance shoppers purchase offline by calling.

Study after study proves it: calls are the most popular way insurance shoppers engage. And those calls convert to revenue 10x more than online leads. It’s why insurance marketers can’t optimize digital advertising ROI and generate the most customers if they can’t optimize these valuable inbound calls.

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