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Automated Phone Polling Using Voice Broadcast & Hosted IVR


Now that the 2008 Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates have all been announced, let’s briefly look at an emerging phone technology in the political polling space.

Recently, Carl Bialik at the Wall Street Journal wrote an article and blog post highlighting the use of automated phone polling using voice broadcast and interactive voice response technology for political campaigns.

Here are the benefits of voice broadcasting that were mentioned in the article & post:

1. “Automated polls can cost as little as one-tenth the equivalent, live-interview phone poll.”

2. “Their accuracy record in the primaries — such as it was — was roughly equivalent to the live-interviewer surveys.”

3. “Politicians’ names are pronounced correctly and identically each time, and responses entered correctly are recorded correctly.”

4. “There also is evidence that automated polls inspire honesty, particularly on sensitive topics.”

While the SMB market recognizes these benefits and is quickly embracing voice broadcasting technology, according to the article traditional media sources are generally not relying on automated phone polling for political campaigns.

With affordable automated polling technology and sinking newspaper profits, how quickly do you think that will change?

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