Capture Complete, Real-Time Data On Every Call

When your marketing generates a call, DialogTech attributes that lead to the right keyword, ad, web page(s), and channel(s). You get complete attribution data and detailed information on who the caller is, what drove the call, if they’ve called before, and more – all at the time of the call.

What Drove the Call:

  • Marketing channel
  • Ad creative
  • Campaign
  • Referring URL
  • Search keywords
  • Website behavior
  • Device, OS, and browser
  • Adtech/martech data

About the Caller:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Call history
  • Day and time of call
  • Call interaction
  • CRM data
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Personalize the Call Experience to Convert Callers to Customers

Marketers can use insightful caller data captured by DialogTech to tailor and optimize the caller experience in real time to win more customers. DialogTech can determine if the caller is a qualified sales lead, then deliver them right away (along with their data) to the best person to convert them to a customer. You can send callers to any sales agent, anywhere, on any device – whether they work in a store or dealership, a call center, or remotely.

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Store Data in One Place for Real-Time Analysis

DialogTech’s data repository is your source for amazing insights, offering you a single complete view of the calls you’re generating. All data about the call, caller, conversation, and outcomes of the call is stored here for easy access.

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Analyze Conversations for Insights

You can learn so much from the conversations your marketing generates. But most marketers either don’t have visibility into what happens on calls or time to listen to recordings. DialogTech solves this dilemma by making it easy to analyze every call from every marketing source to any location or agent. Whether you use Conversation Insight to run your own custom analysis of calls or have DialogTech’s machine learning and AI do the analytics for you, you’ll get actionable insights to prove and improve marketing ROI.

  • Where the call went
  • Call duration
  • What was said
  • If the call converted
  • Key spoken indicators
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Pass Call Data to Your Martech and Analytical Tools

DialogTech integrates seamlessly with all the tools in your marketing stack – giving you a complete view of customer activity, both online and offline. Now you can take the same data-driven approach to optimizing your customers’ experience when they call as you do when they interact online.

Embrace the Conversation with DialogTech

Only DialogTech’s call attribution and conversion platform gives you the insight to invest in marketing that drives calls and the technology to help those calls convert to revenue. Contact us today to get started.