When Evaluating Call Analytics Providers, Always Examine the Voice Infrastructure

Aditya Jayanty Director of Application Release & Telecommunications, DialogTech

Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to earn a customer’s business and loyalty. It’s why for many businesses, an inbound call is the most valuable marketing conversion.

It’s also why marketers now use call analytics solutions to measure and optimize how their digital advertising, website, and offline marketing drive inbound calls. Call analytics — also known as call tracking, call attribution, and call intelligence — provides insights that businesses and agencies use to generate better converting calls, decrease their cost per lead, personalize customer experiences, and drive growth.

How Call Analytics Works

Call analytics solutions combine marketing analytics with voice. They work by providing businesses with a pool of trackable phone numbers obtained from telco carriers that those businesses use in their marketing and on their website. When a customer calls one of those numbers, the call analytics solution:

  • Attributes that call to the correct marketing interaction
  • Captures metadata on the caller
  • Analyzes the conversation for insights
  • Makes the data available via built-in reporting and integrations with other marketing tools — such as CRM tools, bid management solutions, DMPs, and web analytics — and ad platforms such as AdWords, Bing, and Facebook

That’s the marketing analytics side of call analytics. The voice side involves the handling of the call itself and includes:

  • Routing each caller to the best destination or agent to assist them,
  • Ensuring a reliable call experience
  • Providing a crystal clear voice connection between the caller and the business
  • Preventing wrong-number and spam calls from affecting businesses and their call tracking metrics

Look Under the Hood at the Voice Infrastructure

If you are evaluating call analytics solutions, it’s important to consider more than just the interface and features. You should also look at the voice infrastructure supporting the solution to ensure it has the reliability and scalability to meet your requirements.

This is especially important for brands and agencies that generate a high volume of inbound calls. You don’t want to implement a call analytics solution only to learn the hard way that it drops calls or can’t scale to handle your data requirements as your business grows.

Why DialogTech’s Call Analytics Solution Is the Best of Both Worlds

One of the reasons many of the world’s big brands and their agency partners choose DialogTech is because our industry-leading call analytics data is backed by the most advanced, reliable, and scalable voice infrastructure.


It’s critical that your call analytics solution doesn’t negatively impact the delivery of calls to your business. DialogTech uses session border controllers — multi-purpose devices that protect and regulate IP communications flows from VoIP networks — to secure our voice infrastructure, ensuring that even in the case of data center-level events, calls to our customers will route and connect to the desired destination with no negative impact to your business.

All our systems focus on using at least N+1, and in some cases 2N, availability in an active-active or active-standby configuration. To put that in layman’s terms: when you use DialogTech, your customers’ calls work seamlessly. We have customers switch to DialogTech all the time because of our reliability. As one DialogTech customer explains: “We tried another call tracking system but the reporting was extremely limited and, even worse, the system would often drop calls. We moved to DialogTech, set it up, and it’s just right. It doesn’t break or lose calls and you have access to great reporting and analytics.”

Questions to ask call analytics providers:

  • Does the solution have direct relationships with carriers or does it have added risk because it goes through middlemen who could crash or raise rates? What percentage of their traffic traverses direct routes?
  • How quickly can they detect issues with a carrier and reroute calls to avoid them?
  • Does the solution provide you with a dedicated implementation manager? Do you have technical support available at your fingertips?


As your business grows and your data analytics requirements evolve, you need a call analytics solution that scales with you. That often requires increasing the size of your pool of trackable phone numbers quickly and cost-effectively. It also means ensuring your growing call traffic volumes to are still routed and handled flawlessly.

DialogTech has direct connections with most telco carriers, and because we process extremely high call volumes for our customers (over 60 million minutes a month), those carriers provide us with competitive advantages. The first is pricing. Our customers can use DialogTech’s built-in APIs to easily procure pools of phone numbers (local, toll-free, and international) from carriers whenever they want for preferential rates. The second is routing. DialogTech processes millions of minutes of phone calls a day, and this high traffic is routed through multiple carriers. We have monitoring systems in place that intelligently route our customers’ voice traffic efficiently, detecting and bypassing any route that may be experiencing an issue. So even during your peak call times, your calls are routed to the right location reliably and efficiently.

Questions to ask call analytics providers:

  • Do they support session-level call attribution?
  • How many new phone numbers do they need for you to track 1,000 new website visitors?
  • Do they provide unlimited support and access to a dedicated account manager to help you scale?

Crystal Clear Call Quality

The audio quality of the call is just as important as the routing. It doesn’t benefit your business to connect with callers in conversation if the line is full of static or the customer and agent can’t hear one other. DialogTech constantly monitors call quality to ensure our voice infrastructure maintains a high MOS (Mean Opinion Score). MOS rates calls based on their vocal quality, and our high score ensures when customers call your business, the quality is crystal clear.

Superior Conversion Accuracy with Clean Phone Numbers

It also doesn’t benefit your business to capture analytics on calls if that data is inaccurate. Wrong-number and spam calls are not just obnoxious, but also wreck conversion and impression accuracy.

DialogTech leads the way in data quality, in part by providing customers with the cleanest phone numbers. Our robust phone number lifecycle management process continuously delivers clean phone numbers to our customers. DialogTech numbers are quarantined, aged, and monitored before being made available for customer selection.

We also have a proven AI-based spam detection system called SpamSentry™, which uses machine-learning algorithms to detect numbers that could be the target of spam or inappropriate calls and blocks them from use, ensuring our call analytics data is the most accurate.

Questions to ask call analytics providers:

  • What is their MOS and what systems do they have in place to monitor it?
  • What are their standards for post-dial delay and how do they monitor it?
  • Do they have systems in place to monitor your call traffic across carriers? What alerts do they have when a carrier or call route has an issue?
  • What is their process for ensuring their phone numbers are clean?
  • Can they prevent SPAM calls from negatively impact your analytics data?

Next Steps As You Evaluate Call Analytics Providers

Before selecting a call analytics provider, it’s important to examine the underlying voice infrastructure. Please give us a call at 877.725.7012 or request a personal demo to chat with someone today about why our infrastructure makes us the preferred choice for businesses and agencies generating high volumes of inbound calls.

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