See Reliable, Clear, and Actionable Data From All Your Call Conversions

Online and Offline Campaign Call Measurement and Attribution

On a one-to-one basis, Static 1:1 enables you to quickly assign individual tracking numbers to your online and offline campaigns. As soon as a call comes in, use captured data including the source, call length, recording, caller ID and location to evaluate campaigns, caller quality and the purpose of the call.

For example, assigning unique Static 1:1 number to a direct mail piece, television ad, radio spot and a landing page would allow you to compare the effectiveness of each initiative against the others.

Through Mongoose Integrations automatically combine quality call conversions with online form completions in the marketing platforms of your choice (i.e. analytics, AdWords, bid management, marketing automation or CRM) to analyze overall campaign performance at a high-level.

Visit our Session Tracking page for a more granular campaign tracking option.

Ideal For Those Who…

  • Manage offline-marketing campaigns, including TV, radio, print and billboard ads.
  • Want high-level insight into online campaign performance and call conversion quality.
  • Run A/B tests on landing pages and offline ads.
  • Need to justify the need for a larger, more robust call measurement system.

What Does It Deliver?

  • A highly customizable form of call measurement that can be quickly implemented.
  • The ability to track and evaluate calls from both online and offline campaigns.
  • One performance dashboard using API integrations , Mongoose can feed call data into the marketing platforms you are already using to run your campaigns.

How It Works

Within your account dashboard, simply provision a unique tracking number to a campaign (i.e. direct mail, pay-per-click, display or social), and then publish those numbers into ads, collateral and landing pages.

As calls come in, assess and evaluate performance in terms of lead volume and quality directly from your account dashboard, or combine with online form conversions in another marketing platform of your choice.

Looking for a more scalable solution? Try Dynamic 1:1.

Tracking Capabilities

Following is data that can be collected by Static 1:1:

  • Lead Source
  • Call Length
  • Full Call Recording
  • Caller ID
  • Time of Call
  • Location

Available Integrations

Captured data can be automatically fed into the following marketing platforms to create one complete dashboard:


Google Analytics™

Custom Integrations

Our API integration capabilities give customers the flexibility to feed data into existing business processes and systems.

Mongoose Marketing Suite Bundles

Mongoose bundled select products and features you’ll need to generate the largest return on specific marketing campaigns.

Search Marketing

Ideal for organic and paid search campaigns.

Display Advertising

Designed for those running ads across Google’s display network.

Social Media Advertising

Intended to capture conversions from social media ad campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

Built for campaigns targeted at, or that may reach, mobile audiences.

Email Marketing

Capture calls generated by email newsletters, lead nurturing and automated workflows.


Associate phone calls with owned media assets (i.e. website, blogs, white papers, etc.).

Traditional Offline

Track calls associated with offline mediums and feed data into online tech.