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Software Company Takes Hard Look at Phone Automation
CRM Magazine| April 18, 2011In addition, Hunt notes that implementing DialogTech has created a new perception of the company among customers, encouraging them to think of FundNET as growing in size.>Read Entire Story
ITA Spotlight: IfByPhone
Illinois Technology Association| April 13, 2011I truly believe that being the CEO of a successful company means I am a coach more than I am a boss. >Read Entire Story
Nuts & Bolts – Telemarketing : Please Try This Call Again; Next Time With More Integration| April 12, 2011Even marketers who think they know what they’re doing in every channel and discipline, including analytics, may overlook optimizing their greatest conversion tool: the telephone.>Read Entire Story
Info Junkie: Irv Shapiro of DialogTech on ‘Purple Cow,’ Gizmodo and Spenser novels| April 11, 2011Serial entrepreneur Irv Shapiro’s latest gig is CEO of Skokie-based DialogTech Inc., which automates companies’ phone systems.>Read Entire Story
Is your telephone hurting your practice? Phone do’s and don’ts
American Medical News| March 7, 2011New technology has given physicians a long list of automation options, including replacements for human after-hours answering service attendants, patient wellness checks, appointment reminders and overdue account reminders.>Read Entire Story
Groupon is not the only Chicago tech story of 2010 and beyond
Chicago Sun-Times| January 4, 2011While Groupon is the undisputed tech story of the year in Chicago (if not the world), the immensely profitable, Google-spurning, hundreds of millions of dollars raising deal-of-the-day site is not the only game in town.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Raises $10 Million For Cloud-Based Call Management Platform
TechCrunch| December 28, 2010As part of the new investment, The National Association of Realtors will be collaborating with DialogTech to develop voice solutions for its 1.1 million members.>Read Entire Story
NAR’s Second Century Ventures Invests in DialogTech| December 28, 2010DialogTech will help NAR members lower their cost of doing business while also offering them new ways to leverage their marketing and advertising dollars and generate increased sales in the process
DialogTech’s $10M infusion includes National Assn. Realtors funds
Crain’s Business Chicago| December 28, 2010DialogTech, which employs about 40 people, develops Web-based software for call-center and other telecom applications, such as call tracking and automated customer notification.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech snaps up $8M to modify phone calls in the cloud
VentureBeat| December 28, 2010The company has a web-based service that lets its users track and automate phone calls through a public cloud server.>Read Entire Story
NAR’s Second Century Ventures Invests in DialogTech
MSNBC| December 28, 2010NAR is also collaborating with DialogTech to develop solutions that enhance voice interactions for its more than 1.1 million Realtor® members.
Skokie Startup DialogTech Raises Additional $8 Million
MidVentures| December 28, 2010Currently, DialogTech has about 40 employees and over 3,000 customers. The investment funds will be used to increase staff and develop products.>Read Entire Story
How DialogTech Can Help Small and Mid-sized Businesses – An Interview With CEO Irv Shapiro
TECH Cocktail| November 5, 2010But the company, founded by Irv Shapiro in 2005, has raised $16.4 million in funding since that time from a half dozen Illinois and Indiana-based VC firms. Needless to say, Midwest VC’s are really pulling for this one.>Read Entire Story
Ferrara named VP-marketing of DialogTech
BtoB Magazine| October 26, 2010DialogTech announced Tuesday that Jason Ferrara has joined the company as VP-marketing. Ferrara was previously VP-corporate marketing at>Read Entire Story
Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools: Quantitative, Qualitative, Life Saving!
Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik| October 20, 2010It is pretty easy to integrate phone outcomes data with your web analytics solution>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Provides New Call Tracking Capabilities| September 1, 2010Using SourceTrak, marketers can now track, qualify, and route calls from traditional ads as well as PPC, SEO, and social media.>Read Entire Story
A shift toward working from home
Chicago Tribune| August 16, 2010Virtual workers save time and money by eliminating commutes, and employers don’t have to provide an office and everything that goes with it.>Read Entire Story
IfByPhone technology gives voice to Kenyan citizen journalists
Chicago Sun-Times| August 9, 2010Contributors to the grass roots Ushahidi network use IfByPhone technology to call in and broadcast voice reports of violence all through its website.
A Call For Call Tracking| June 21, 2010Some businesses are seeing their online marketing campaigns drive more conversions via phone than on the web site.>Read Entire Story
Rebooting Chicago’s Tech Scene
Chicago Tribune| June 21, 2010DialogTech is a provider of telephone call-related services to small and medium-size businesses.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech chief talks challenges of growing IT biz in Midwest| February 2, 2010You can build high-tech companies in Chicago; we did that, and now we’ve acquired a West Coast high-tech company that we’ll integrate it into our Midwest-based organization.>Read Entire Story
Call center in the clouds
DialogTech makes customer service a more virtual reality

Entrepreneur Magazine| February 2010We’re making call-center telephony web-based, like everything else.>Read Entire Story
A Delivery Service Configures Its Way to Savings| January 10, 2010All told, DialogTech’s outbound IVR places about 1,000 automated calls every day to Go Configure customers.>Read Entire Story
Is the Future of VoIP and Voice?| December 15, 2010So far is the back-end network for services like Voxeo, ifbyphone, OnState & Yext, which are using its FlexNet product.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech seeking ‘cloud telephony’ carrier partners for voice apps play| November 19, 2009Fast-growing company says it has the SMB apps platform, service providers need only ‘bring your own transport’ to launch instant voice 2.0 offering>Read Entire Story
Man Cannot Live By PPC Alone. Can He?| October 29, 2009Call tracking numbers can provide a very useful means for measuring the effectiveness of ads.>Read Entire Story
Automating Phone Calls: Interview With Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech| October 13, 2009DialogTech allows small to medium sized businesses to do the things with the telephone that very large businesses routinely do.>Read Entire Story
It’s not just customer service DialogTech helps businesses with, they can help save some bucks too| August, 18 2009Sounds pretty nice as DialogTech’s platform has been leveraged to its maximum potential and small businesses can really fare better on saving cash.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech, a compelling Web-based telephony solution| July, 14 2009For any company looking for a flexible, scalable, more or less turnkey telephony solution DialogTech is a compelling and cost-effective option . . .>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Introduces Hosted “Cloud” Call Center| June, 29 2009Hosted call centers offer a good solution for many SMBs dealing with high volumes of sales or service calls . . .>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Intros Cloud Telephony Services Providing Advanced Services to SMBs| May 18, 2009Through the program, all carriers – including CLECs, ILECs, hosted PBX companies, and cable multi-system operators (MSOs) – can now connect to DialogTech and expand their service offerings . . .>Read Entire Story
DialogTech gets first carrier customer for SIP applications offering
FierceVoIP| May 18, 2009DialogTech offers a tremendous set of telephone automation services that are easy for SMB customers to deploy and use, and they offered us a flexible pricing model that was very attractive.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech to Sell Advanced Hosted Services Through Carriers| April 23, 2009Buying DialogTech’s services through carriers will also help SMBs in at least one way: They will have a one-stop shop for all their telephony needs, from transport to advanced call-handling capabilities.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech offers carriers value-add services via SIP trunking
FierceVoIP| April 19, 2009As transport prices continue to collapse, CLECs and regional telcos and hosted providers need applications to add value.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech to receive $4.6 million infusion
Chicago Tribune| November 17, 2008DialogTech, launched in 2005, has introduced several products in recent months. 
Skokie telecom startup collects $4.6M in VC funding
Crain’s Chicago| November 17, 2008A Skokie startup landed $4.6 million in its second round of venture capital funding to expand its Web-enabled phone product.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech raises $4.6 mil
Chicago Sun-Times| November 17, 2008″When you’re going into a recessionary economy, you’re a good investment when you offer companies the ability to save money.” 
DialogTech, Top VoIP Company 2008: FierceVoIP, Fierce 15
FierceVoIP| November 5, 2008FierceVoIP announces DialogTech as one of the top 15 VoIP companies in 2008.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech, Top VoIP Company 2008: FierceVoIP, Fierce 15
FierceVoIP| November 5, 2008FierceVoIP announces DialogTech as one of the top 15 VoIP companies in 2008.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Mashes Up With Google Analytics
Telephony Online| October 23, 2008This time around, DialogTech addresses one of the key challenges of interactive marketing.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Mashes Call Data To Google Analytics
FierceVoIP| October 13, 2008In the latest “Gee, that’s cool” Voice 2.0 mashup . . . DialogTech has created a mashup to integrate direct response call data with web advertising info from Google Analytics.>Read Entire Story
Google Analytics: Track Phone Calls
Website Magazine| October 13, 2008Telephone application platform company DialogTech made a whopper of an announcement today.>Read Entire Story
Simple and Brilliant
Thomas Howe’s Blog| October 13, 2008Today, DialogTech hits it out of the park with a simple and brilliant voice mashup solution.>Read Entire Story
Web 2.0: DialogTech Makes Phone Mashups As Easy As A Web Page
InformationWeek| September 17, 2008So far the award for Single Coolest Thing Done With Open Source at the Web 2.0 show has to go to DialogTech.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Launches New Conference Calling Interface For SMBs| September 16, 2008Smart Conference Calling features an application programming interface (API) that allows Web Developers to integrate “smart” conference calling capabilities instantly to Web sites . . .>Read Entire Story
Conference Calling API
Website Magazine| September 15, 2008This solution sounds like it will be especially useful for small businesses, especially franchises, associations and other membership organizations that need to initiate conference calls spontaneously for quick consultations.>Read Entire Story
You, too, can have a call center
Chicago Sun-Times| August 31, 2008Its software applications let small businesses set up virtual call centers and make “live” contact with potential customers without having to hire technicians and phone operators.>Read Entire Story
Platform Play Updates – Solid Proof Points for Service Providers| August 15, 2008They have continued to evolve by releasing new applications and enhancing their back office infrastructure . . .>Read Entire Story
The World of Virtual Telephone Services: Next – Virtual Call Centers| August 9, 2008What’s neat about ifbyphone’s service is that, once you set it up, you can have a call center, just like your bigger competitors . . .>Read Entire Story
argeting Click-to-Call | August 6, 2008Click-to-call has long been touted for its promise of bringing together the targeting efficiencies of online and the familiarity of traditional phone customer service.
DialogTech Adds Web-Based Store Locator to IVR-Capable Suite| August 6, 2008These applications help any size businesses convert telephone calls into increased sales.>Read Entire Story
Skokie Telecom Hopes To Create Buzz With Phone Solutions
Chicago Sun-Times| July 29, 2008DialogTech is giving marketers and small businesses a fast, cheap, Web-based way to set up a virtual call center . . .>Read Entire Story
DialogTech and JumpForward to Help H.S. Athletes and NCAA Recruiters| June 25, 2008It’s truly innovative, transforming a simple phone call and wrapping an intelligent recruiting application around it . . .>Read Entire Story
Web-based leads, telephone-based conversation: How SMBs can level the marketing playing field| June 11, 2008By integrating their Web sites with easily configured telephone applications, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) can increase lead conversion and close more business.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Brings its telephone platform natively to the iPhone
VentureBeat| June 9, 2008Rivals such as Phonevite, Ribbit, Voicestar and even GrandCentral offer some of the same services that DialogTech does, but none have put together the entire suite that the company offers in terms of services.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Promises IPhone-based ‘Voice Broadcast’
PCWorld| June 2, 2008DialogTech has also announced the release of a new Voice Broadcast Application Programming Interface (API) that developers can use to integrate voice broadcast messaging into their own software.>Read Entire Story
YouTube founder: Why I Left
Chicago Sun-Times| June 2, 2008The real differentiation is around service, and there is no better way to provide a service to your customer than to find a way to talk to them. 
DialogTech promises iPhone-based ‘voice broadcast’
MacWorld| June 2,2008Applications for DialogTech’s Voice Broadcast technology include traveling managers who need to send a voice memo out to their staff while being away, or for parents who want to reach the entire family all at once.>Read Entire Story
Popcorn retailer finds ingredients to success’
San Antonio Business Journal| May 29,2008DialogTech’s virtual receptionist helped to ease the pressure on in-person customer service and gave call-in customers, both existing and prospective, more information . . .>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Continues to Impress| May 12,2008In a nutshell, they have created an extremely easy to use and cost effective platform for the rest of us to create simple Click-to-Call links on Web pages and e-mail to sophisticated call-routing and interactive-marketing solutions-transforming telephones into powerful tools to increase leads, improve sales and enhance customer experience.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Launches Free Calling On Facebook | April 29,2008Now you can make free calls to your friends from your Facebook profile thanks to IfbyPhone, a Chicago-based telephone application platform company that has created Phone-Me-Now.>Read Entire Story
DialogTech Offers Simplified Click-to-be-Called Service| December 4, 2007Additionally, DialogTech can do all sorts of things with calls once they’re connected. It can intelligently route them . . . It can send them to automated-response systems . . . It can accept callers’ responses by touch tones, voice recognition or recording, and it can send those responses to the company by email. DialogTech also provides message broadcasting.>Read Entire Story
New E-mail-By-Phone Features| November 22, 2006DialogTech, a Chicago-based text-to-voice service that provides access to e-mail over the phone, unveiled Wednesday an upgrade that allows users to designate notification times and search for particular e-mail messages by sender, subject, or phrase in the text, the company said.>Read Entire Story