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7 Tips For When To Use Your Voice Broadcast iPhone App


Have you downloaded our Voice Broadcast App for the iPhone? Voice Broadcasting enables you to record a phone message, schedule a time, and call your contacts automatically with a recording of that message at the scheduled time.

Here are 7 tips for when to use your Voice Broadcast App:

7. Send your sales team an important message when you know you’ll be busy or out of town.

6. Notify parents in your class about upcoming activities or events.

5. Wake yourself up by scheduling a phone call to yourself in the morning.

4. Remind your team about the time and location of the next game.

3. Confirm an appointment with a client to make sure you keep your schedule full.

2. Promote an event or sale to your biggest fans & customers over the phone.

1. Share exciting news, such as a birth or engagement, with your family & friends all at the same time.