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6 Reasons Why Your Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Needs Call Attribution

Katherine Buchholz Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

Omnichannel. It’s a term that has been thrown around a lot over the past couple of years, giving marketers an explanation for how multi-channel marketing has evolved to be more than a channel-specific strategy. And it means consumers who are truly engagement-agnostic (they will engage on desktop, mobile devices, in person, and over the phone). Marketers – now more than ever before – need ways to attribute every point of engagement. I’m here to share 6 reasons why your omni-channel strategy needs call attribution.

Break Free From a Singular View of Customer Engagement

By “singular view of customer engagement,” I mean how your customers engage with you online, offline, and via mobile devices. Multi-channel focused too heavily on having a strategy for individual marketing channels, whereas omni-channel marketing seeks to connect how consumers engage with each one throughout their path to purchase. Did someone who called to ask for more information end up making a purchase online? Without tracking that call you will never know.

Think about: How to map out the path your customers take to make a purchase. When do they visit your store vs. research online vs. call you for more information?

Embrace the Influx of Calls From Mobile Marketing

If I told you mobile marketing is set to drive over 108 billion calls to U.S. businesses in 2016, would that convince you how important phone leads are? What about that calls (from mobile and landlines) are going to influence over $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending in 2016? Things like mobile paid search and click-to-call make it easier to call from a smartphone (versus having to fill out a small web form).

Think about: The role phone leads play in your business. Are the calls you receive from consumers about getting basic location and hours information, or do you close business over the phone? This will help you better understand how call attribution and conversion data can help you improve ROI.

Connect Every Conversion Point

While it helps to map out your customers’ path to purchase, it takes integrated data for marketers to connect the various omni-channel conversion points and get actionable insights. What helps here is technology, such as data management platforms (DMPs), that enable marketers to integrate all of their online, offline, and mobile data.

Think about: Integrating call attribution data with an analytics tool like Convertro for complete multi-touch attribution. This helps marketers understand the combination of marketing sources and events (including phone calls) and better optimize their marketing spend.

Optimize Marketing Based on Complete Conversion Data

Marketers who don’t track call conversions could be missing nearly 50% of their conversions – without even knowing it. Call attribution helps marketers understand how calls impact their omni-channel strategy, and gives them the data they need to optimize marketing spend for the right conversions (including phone calls).

Think about: Times when you may have optimized marketing budget based only on online clicks or how much traffic your store receives. Without including call analytics, you could be missing valuable conversions that drive revenue for your business.

A Phone Number Could Be Our Unique Identifier

With omni-channel marketing comes a new struggle: how to track consumers across devices. An online cookie won’t suffice in the future, so what will? Email addresses and phone numbers are two identifiers marketers rate as very important. We’ll have to see which will reign supreme in the near future, but we predict it will be phone numbers (when was the last time you changed yours?).

Think about: The kind of data you collect on customers. Unique identifiers such as email addresses and phone numbers can help you connect how customers interact with your business – regardless of device.

Create a Personalized Call Experience

When someone calls your business, what kind of experience do they have? Call attribution data helps marketers personalize this experience in a number of ways. You can route callers based on their location or the ad, landing page, or keyword they searched and send them to the best office, store location, or agent to take their call. You can integrate with a CRM system to arm agents with caller information (such as name, number, location, and lead source) before they even pick up the phone.

Think about: The type of experience people currently have when they call you. Do they get stuck in an IVR menu? Are callers sent to the right agents to help them? Tracking calls gives you the data to improve caller experience – and ROI.

If you’re interested in learning more about how call attribution can help improve your omni-channel strategy, request a demo today.