5 Ways Marketers Breathe New Life (and ROI) Into Call Conversions

Katherine Buchholz Product Marketing Manager, DialogTech

The holidays are already upon us, the fourth quarter is in full swing, and marketers in every industry are working hard to move the revenue needle just a little bit higher. I recently wrote about 8 trends driving more calls to your business, and you can’t risk your conversion strategy going stale. Not when inbound calls convert to revenue 10x more frequently than web forms. What better time to analyze your call conversion strategy than when you need to give your year-end revenue a boost. Here are 5 ways:

Evaluate Current Call Data

What call data do you currently review to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns? How does that information impact your strategy? We’ve all found ourselves turning to the same data time and again – and we won’t see anything new. Look beyond basic data such as the number of calls you receive from different sources or campaigns, or measuring quality based on the call duration.

Try integrating call data with your CRM to follow callers all the way to a sale and know which campaigns drive not just the most calls, but the ones that generate the most revenue. Or take the demographic information you have on callers and use that to retarget them with ads relevant to the products and services they are interested in and where they are at in the sales process.

Evaluate Ad Formats

Are you wasting ad budget on ads that don’t drive conversions? DialogTech Insights research found that marketers missed 49% of conversions by not including calls in their data. Know which ads are driving the most call conversions for your business and get more out of those ads by optimizing ad copy, ad placements (where and when they run), the audience you target, and more.

Try focusing ad copy on driving a call. Test using language such as “Speak to an agent now” or “Call (877) 295-5100 for a free demo.” People who see these ads know they can get the answers they need immediately, and your sales team gets the leads they value most.

Evaluate Web Content

When someone calls your business you may know which marketing source drove them to call, or if they called from your website. But are you able to tell which pages on your website they visited prior to calling? What about after the call ended? Understanding how callers are engaging with your website (or not engaging) can help you reevaluate and improve content and drive more call conversions.

Try A/B testing the content and calls to action on your website to determine what works most effectively to drive more people to call.

Evaluate Call Experience

Once someone calls your business, the experience they have while on that call is critical to conversion. If a caller gets stuck in your IVR (interactive voice response) system and can’t find the information they need, they get frustrated. If a caller gets bounced around from agent to agent and has to repeat their information multiple times, they get frustrated. Your callers want answers, and patience can wear thin with a complicated call experience.

Try using contextual call routing to direct callers to the right person to help them. Ease their frustrations and improve your call conversions.

Evaluate Mobile Strategy

Over 90 billion calls will be driven to US businesses from mobile marketing this year (BIA/Kelsey). And, as smartphone ownership and mobile marketing continue to grow, this number is predicted to grow 70% by 2019. It’s not enough to have a mobile-friendly website (this should be a given), you need to think mobile-first with every advertising, content, and design decision you make. And marketers must start by understanding that calls are the more favorable conversion path on a smartphone.

Try foregoing a web form and using only a click-to-call phone number as the call to action on your landing page. Many people do not want to spend time filling out a web form on a smartphone, and opt to call and be connected in conversation immediately.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why inbound calls will be the biggest challenge for CMOs in 2016 and how that makes now the perfect time to reevaluate your call conversion strategy.