4 Ways To Track Phone Calls From Twitter



A hot topic lately has been how to track and analyze traffic from social media, and more specifically from Twitter. I want to address how to track phone calls, or phone leads, your business receives by using Twitter, or any other social media tool. As you go down the list, each example gets a little more interesting.

Getting Started The first thing you need is a dedicated virtual phone number that you advertise to Twitter users. Then you’ll want to route that number to your main line or virtual receptionist. You could even choose to set up a special virtual receptionist that mentions Twitter to the caller.

Options For Tracking Calls
1. The most basic way to track calls from Twitter is to place a custom phone number in your background, profile bio, or tweets. Since the dedicated number only appears on Twitter, you’ll see how many calls Twitter generates.

2. Another fairly basic way to do this is to create a unique click-to-call, which enables users to click on a link, enter their phone number, and make both your phone and their phone ring. Just add the link to your Twitter Bio or any given Tweet, and then use our reports to see how many people call you using the click-to-call link on your Twitter page.

3. Let’s face it. Potential customers are more likely to call you once they’ve actually visited your website. How do you figure out how many calls you get off your website from people who found you on Twitter? Using DialogTech’s Dynamic Phone Number Insertion, you can display a unique phone number on your website when a visitor comes from Twitter. Then, using DialogTech’s Call Tracking you can see the number of calls to that number in real-time.

4. To connect tracking calls back to web traffic, you can use DialogTech’s Google Analytics Integration to actually see the number of calls you get from Twitter, or on any other phone number, directly in the content section of Google Analytics.

DEVELOPER BONUS: Rather than track phone calls FROM twitter, you can actually track phone calls IN Twitter. Check out this example for how it works.

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