4 Reasons Marketing and Sales Teams Rely on DialogTech’s Salesforce CRM App


Marketers have begun to discover what sales teams knew all along: phone leads are the most valuable leads sales reps can get. After all, phone leads convert into revenue 10x more than web leads, according to analyst firm BIA/Kelsey. It’s become common knowledge: inbound calls are the leads sales teams want most, and therefore the leads that marketers most need to generate and track in their CRM system. There has been a period of transition, with marketing and sales teams struggling to align and scrambling to find tools that make it easier to trap and track those valuable phone leads.

For Salesforce CRM users, DialogTech’s new Salesforce app is the answer. The app is an out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce that enables marketers to track calls back to any marketing source online, mobile, or offline and through your sales funnel to revenue. If you’re a sales or marketing professional using Salesforce to track and manage leads, here are four reasons you should grab this app as soon as possible.

You Can Track Your Phone Leads Back to Any Marketing Source

When you can’t track phone leads back to specific marketing initiatives, you can’t accurately measure ROI in Salesforce, which means you can’t diagnose what’s really working and what isn’t in order to make adjustments and?improvements.

With DialogTech’s app you can do more than just track calls: you’re able to capture phone lead data in Salesforce from any marketing source including offline ads such as TV and print, online and mobile ads such as Google and Bing PPC, search engine inquiries, email and direct mail campaigns, social media, and web pages. Pulling this data into Salesforce means you can more easily calculate ROI and other KPIs for every lead source and optimize what works, focusing resources on the campaigns, ads, keywords, and content that are driving leads and correcting or eliminating those that don’t.

You Can Include Phone Calls in Your Lead Scoring Algorithm

Many marketing and sales teams today rely on lead scoring to focus on the leads that are truly sales-ready. The DialogTech app offers a New Call field you can use as a data point in your lead scoring algorithms. Since phone calls convert to revenue 10x more than web leads, including call data which includes the marketing source the call came from is critical to lead scoring accuracy.

You Can Provide Your Sales Team With Caller Information Including Lead Source

When calls come in, your sales agents can use DialogTech’s web-based phone panel (embedded right in the Salesforce interface) to immediately view the marketing source that the call originated from. When the agent picks up the phone, the app also whispers the lead information to the agent. This gives your agents a powerful head-start in the conversation, helping increase close rates. It also gives them enough info to decline the call, if they are on a more pressing one already.

You Can Create New Records for New Inbound Phone Leads, Access Existing Lead Records, and Capture Missed Calls

The app makes it easy to create a new Salesforce record automatically, saving your agents time. When a phone call comes in from a new lead or contact, sales agents can click on their DialogTech panel to automatically create and view a new lead record in Salesforce. If the caller is already in your system, agents can bring up that Salesforce record with the same one-click functionality.

Missed calls happen to everyone, but with this Salesforce app, if a call goes unanswered the app will capture the caller’s information and display it in a Missed Call queue, ensuring you can quickly follow up and never miss a lead.

Whether your phone lead data comes from call tracking or the agent panel, the DialogTech Salesforce app is unmatched within the Salesforce ecosystem, providing visibility to accurately measure leads, opportunities, and marketing ROI for sales and marketing. You can download it now from the Salesforce AppExchange.