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3 Ways To Reduce Costs & Save Money Using The Phone


Times are tough. How do you reduce costs?
Here are three ways your business can save money:

1. Virtual Receptionist – Automatically greet callers and route them according to their needs. Not only does this give your business a professional image, but an automated answering system eliminates the need to have someone spending their time mindlessly routing phone calls. Can’t afford to pay $7-$15 for someone to answer phones? Virtual Receptionist costs just $2-$5 per 60 minutes of talk time. Need to screen callers before you answer the call? No problem. Plus, your customers will never hear a busy signal, and you’ll never miss a call.

2. Voice Broadcasting – Need to promote an event or confirm deliveries and appointments? You can do so by automating outbound phone calls. Here is one story from a customer:

“Prior to hearing about DialogTech’s services and offerings, our staff was making 5 calls for each customer we deliver to. By using their API to automate the notification & confirmation process, we have been able to double the efficiency of our staff and reduced the cost of staff and overtime by 60%. Without this technology, we would not have had the opportunity to grow our business without increasing our staffing expense.” – Dawn Rivera, Director of Operations, Go Configure, Inc.

3. Call Tracking – Do you know which ad campaigns lead to phone calls? Use phone call tracking to determine which ads are actually worth paying for.

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(You’ll be greeting by our virtual receptionist who will route you to the appropriate person, and we’ll know where you called from. Yes, we ‘eat our own dog food’.)