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10 Top Features of a Find Me Call Forwarding Service


Here are 10 Find Me Call Forwarding features that you should consider: 

Forwarding By Schedule – Easily set up & update a schedule online for how to forward calls.

Simultaneous Forwarding –  Forward a call to multiple numbers at the same time. For example, a phone call forwards to your office & cell at the same time.

Sequential Forwarding –  Forward calls to one number, then if there is no answer to another number.  This should be possible in the same order every time or in a round robin order.

Screening – If you are forwarding calls from your office to your cell, you may not always want to answer it. A good call forwarding service can prompt the caller for their name so you can decide whether or not to take the call.

Recording – There may be instances that you want to record a phone call. Ask if your Find Me service has optional call recording functionality.

Voice Mail Control – If you forward calls from your office to your cell, you may still want the caller to leave voice mail on your office voice mail. Demand flexibility, including one voice mail for all of your numbers that can be emailed to you.

Virtual Receptionist – Rather than just a straight transfer, you might want to prompt the caller with a virtual receptionist that says you aren’t available in the office but the call is being forwarded to your cell phone.

Additional Find Me – Let’s say an important client calls, but you aren’t available on any of your numbers. A full-featured Find Me Call Forwarding service should enable you to start forwarding calls to coworkers if you aren’t available.

Reporting – Want to see details about each call? Ask about Find Me call forwarding reports so you can see how each call is routed.

Custom Hold Music – While you forward the caller between phones, you should be able to customize your own “on hold / forwarding “ music or message.