Integrate DialogTech’s call analytics and automation with the marketing, sales, and support applications you use every day.

Featured Integrations


Track, manage, and optimize phone leads and support calls throughout the customer journey –– from leads to revenue to loyal customers.



Run tests to find web page variations that not only drive the most web conversions, but high-value sales calls as well.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

DialogTech provides the most accurate keyword-level call attribution data for Google AdWords. Get the missing call conversion data you need to measure ROI and optimize bids for what’s really driving sales.

Integrated with the Applications You Rely on

DialogTech seamlessly integrates with your CRM, web analytics, help desk and other applications using pre-built integrations and a full set of open APIs. Need a custom solution? Our Customer Engineering Team is here to help design, develop and implement exactly what you need.


Bid Management

Integrate DialogTech’s call conversion data with bid management tools like Marin, Kenshoo, Acquisio, IgnitionOne, and DoubleClick to generate more calls and sales from digital marketing.



Integrate DialogTech with CRM solutions like Salesforce to measure how every marketing channel drives calls, opportunities, and revenue and frees sales and support agents to field calls from anywhere on any device.


Marketing Automation

Integrate DialogTech with marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Act-On to prove and improve how your marketing generates both web and call conversions.


Tag Management

Integrating DialogTech with tag management tools like Google Tag Manager, Signal, and Tealium makes it easy to deploy or edit vendor tags without burdening developers.


Web Analytics

Integrate DialogTech’s call data with web analytics solutions like Google Analytics and Universal Analytics, Web Trends, and Adobe for amazing marketing insights.


Additional Integrations

DialogTech also integrates seamlessly with a wide range of additional technologies, including CAKE and Zendesk.