Contextual Call Routing for Growing Revenue

Set up customizable rules to route callers to the right agent, location, or call center right away – works with any phone system or device.

Close More Business with Contextual Call Routing

Where calls get routed significantly impacts how they convert to revenue. Set up rules to automatically route inbound calls from your marketing based on a wide range of criteria, including time of day, the channel that drove the call, caller location, agent skillset, and more. Route calls to any agent, store location, office, call center, or IVR – works for every phone system and device.

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Easily Set Up and Modify Custom Call Routing Rules

Use DialogTech’s easy-to-use web interface to control phone call routing for every marketing source. Route inbound phone calls based on your own customizable rules, which can be easily updated on the fly as needed. And you can monitor call volume and activity for every number online using real-time web-based reports.

Key Features of Call Routing

  • Route calls by schedule
    Create custom routing based on your office hours, the time zones of your customers, weekends, holidays, and more.
  • Route calls by agent skillset and performance
    Ensure your best performing reps receive the most calls by routing a higher percentage to specific agents.
  • Route by caller’s location
    Automatically detect a caller’s exact location using geo-location and route them to the most appropriate store, office, or agent. Works for calls from mobile devices and landlines.
  • Route calls between multiple call centers
    Set up multiple call centers and route call flow based on caller information, distribution schedules, and location.
  • Route calls by caller’s number
    Give VIP customers preferred treatment by setting up special routing and queuing rules for their specific phone numbers.
  • Route calls to an DialogTech voicemail box
    Send callers to an DialogTech voicemail box to leave a message for your business. Messages can be transcribed and emailed to your team.

Route Inbound Phone Calls Differently Based on Marketing Source

Because DialogTech’s call routing can tell which ad, search keyword, web page, marketing campaign, or other source a person is calling from, you can route inbound calls differently for different sources. Send calls to a particular agent or subset of agents, store location, IVR, voicemail box, or any other option that works best for each campaign.

Route Inbound Phone Calls to the Right Lead Buyers with LeadFlow™

For lead sellers driving phone leads to buyers, DialogTech’s LeadFlow gives you complete, real-time control over where every phone lead is sent. It makes it easy to route inbound phone calls to the right buyers based on a wide variety of criteria – including buyer cost-per-call agreements and call thresholds, location of the caller, time/day of call, and much more. LeadFlow also ensures you get credit for every valid phone lead.

Send Callers to a Virtual Receptionist

Set up your own DialogTech virtual receptionist to answer incoming calls with a custom greeting and route inbound callers using press or say 1 for sales, press or say 2 for support interactive phone menus. Virtual receptionists can replace live receptionists, helping your business cut costs and provide professional 24/7 customer service.

Transfer Callers to the Closest Store Location using Store Locator

Does your business have multiple locations or franchises? Using DialogTech’s Store Locator with Geo-Location, you can automatically send callers from any marketing source and any phone (landline or mobile) to your closest store. You can also advertise one phone number for your business that automatically routes mobile or landline callers to your nearest location.

Reach Agents Anywhere on Any Phone with FindMe Call Forwarding

Never let important calls go unanswered. Route incoming calls to different types of phones (cell phone, work phone, home phone, Skype) and agents based on various schedules, including:

  • Simultaneous ringing
    Ring an agent’s home, work, and cell phone simultaneously to ensure that the call is answered.
  • Specific ring order
    Ring an agent’s phones in a specific order, such as work phone first, cell phone second, home phone third, etc.
  • Multi-agent ringing
    Ring several agents’ phone numbers at the same time. The first agent who answers gets the call, even if they are working from home.
  • Office schedule
    Forward calls to various agents based on your office schedule.

Convert Web Visitors into Instant Sales Calls

The faster you respond to a web lead, the better your chances of closing the sale. DialogTech can generate immediate phone conversations with leads who fill out your online forms – including contact us, call me now, demo request, and content download forms – or abandon online shopping carts.

  • Trigger sales calls from web forms with MyLeadResponder
    When web visitors complete your online forms, DialogTech’s MyLeadResponder can immediately call your sales team and whisper the lead’s information to the rep. If the rep accepts the call, MyLeadResponder then calls the lead to connect the two in conversation.
  • Recover lost revenue from abandoned shopping carts
    Reduce shopping cart abandonment by using MyLeadResponder to initiate phone conversations with your agents and online shoppers who abandon a cart.
  • Embed call me now links on your site, emails, PDFs, and more
    Using DialogTech’s click-to-call technology, customers can click a link, type in their phone number, and trigger an immediate call from them to your company’s phone number, a DialogTech IVR, a DialogTech voicemail box, or any agent or group of agents you choose.