Session Tracking

Mongoose Metrics Session Tracking is the most powerful form of call measurement, offering a highly flexible and deep level of campaign call insight and intelligence.

Draw Powerful Call Insights From Your Marketing Data to Unlock the Full Return on Your Efforts

Mongoose Metrics Session Tracking is the most powerful form of call measurement, offering a highly flexible and deep level of campaign call insight and intelligence.

Along with the number of conversions, Session Tracking dynamically collects channel and campaign specifics, including source, ad clicked, last page visited and much more, revealing exactly how callers found and interacted with your marketing campaigns.

Session Tracking is an integration technology that captures and feeds campaign performance data into the most widely used marketing platforms, including Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Doubleclick Digital Marketing Suite, Oracle Marketing Cloud and IBM Marketing Center.

Ideal For Those Who…

  • Invest heavily in PPC, social, display, mobile and email campaigns.
  • Run A/B split and multi-variant testing
  • Drive website traffic through a variety of channels and campaigns.
  • Manage dozens, or even thousands, of landing pages.
  • Want to understand lead behavior at a granular level.
  • Need to simplify reporting and funnel conversion data into one dashboard (i.e. analytics).

What Does It Deliver?

  • A highly granular look at campaign performance, and opportunities to improve return on investment.
  • One performance dashboard with API integrations into other systems, including analytics, Adwords, bid management and CRMs.
  • Opportunities to set up business intelligence rules for when and how tracking numbers are shown, only reporting the data you need.

How It Works

Mongoose allocates a pool of tracking phone numbers (local or toll free) to your account. The size of the pool depends on the monthly visitor volume you want to track

Each visitor that comes to your site is assigned a unique tracking number, which then dynamically replaces all visible phone numbers throughout your website and landing pages.

As soon as a call comes in, the visitor’s website session, campaign ID, source and all other associated metrics are reported in your Mongoose Metrics dashboard for analysis.

After data is collected, it can also be fed into your existing analytics, bid management, marketing automation and customer relationship management systems through our integration feature. We’ll simplify the review and evaluation process by creating one complete marketing dashboard.

Feature more than one location on a landing page? Try Session Directory.

Tracking Capabilities

Following is data that can be collected by Session Tracking:

  • Lead Source
  • Call Length
  • Time of Call
  • Full Call Recording
  • Caller ID
  • Geolocation
  • Referral Source
  • Keyword Search
  • PPC Ad Campaign / Ad Group / Keyword
  • Last Web Page Visited

Available Integrations

Captured data can be automatically fed into the following marketing platforms to create one complete dashboard:


Google Analytics™
Adobe® Analytics
IBM Unica®


Google AdWords™


Microsoft Dynamics®

Marketing Automation

Adobe Campaign

Multi-Channel Attribution

Adobe Analytics

Bid Management

Marin Software
Adobe Media Optimizer

Custom Integrations

Our API integration capabilities give customers the flexibility to feed data into existing business processes and systems.


Mongoose Marketing Suite Bundles

Mongoose bundled select products and features you’ll need to generate the largest return on specific marketing campaigns.

Search Marketing

Ideal for organic and paid search campaigns.

Display Advertising

Designed for those running ads across Google’s display network.

Social Media Advertising

Intended to capture conversions from social media ad campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

Built for campaigns targeted at, or that may reach, mobile audiences.

Email Marketing

Capture calls generated by email newsletters, lead nurturing and automated workflows.


Associate phone calls with owned media assets (i.e. website, blogs, white papers, etc.).

Traditional Offline

Track calls associated with offline mediums and feed data into online tech.