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Gain deep insights into online visitor activity and discover which events drive phone calls.

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Using Google Analytics and Universal Analytics Integration For Your Business

Do you track your web visitors and online interaction with Google Analytics? Wouldn’t it be great if you could view data for offline sources like phone calls, directly in the Google Analytics reports you use today? With DialogTech’s Google Universal Analytics Call Tracking Integration you can.

Google Universal Analytics has changed the way you can track visitor interaction on your website, with DialogTech you can now gain valuable insight into how these visitors become callers. This includes the source of the visit, duration of the call, caller location, and more. DialogTech also offers an integration with Classic Google Analytics if you are not using Universal Analytics just yet.

Key Features of the Google Universal Analytics Call Tracking Integration

  • Track phone calls in Google Universal Anaytics
    DialogTech’s integration enables you to track phone calls in Google Analytics and Universal Analytics alongside web and offline data.
  • View the source of inbound phone calls
    Know which ads, search keywords, social media platforms, and other source are driving calls to your business.
  • See a customer’s web activity before and after calling you
    Understand what events (web page and video views, form downloads, online purchases, mobile app activity, etc.) a customer performed before and after calling you.
  • Include call data in A/B testing
    Use phone call data in your web page A/B tests to help determine a winner.
  • See where in the country callers are calling you from
    View a color-coded map of where in the country callers are calling you from.

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