The Marketer’s Journey to Accurately Tracking Campaign ROI as Illustrated in GIFs

Sooner or later, every marketer must take a journey. It’s the journey from amateur to expert, from baby steps to giant leaps. One of the most difficult steps marketers take is on the wobbling path to tracking ROI. Whether the majority of ad spend is being directed toward online ads, billboards, or trade shows, the majority of marketers aren’t even sure if those dollars are providing solid ROI. Here, we will illustrate that journey to marketing maturity in a series of ten GIFs that we think you will relate to strongly.

Stage 1: Doing All the Marketing

In the beginning, you would do what you thought marketers were supposed to do. You did email marketing. You did content marketing. You did PPC ads. You did social media. You did print ads. You grabbed every kind of marketing that you saw. You looked kind of like this:


Stage 2: The Embarrassing Shrug

After doing every kind of marketing you could think of, your VP of marketing would ask you some questions. Is it working? How do you know? What’s our ROI look like? Then you would look like this:


Stage 3: More Marketing

You didn’t learn right away. You kept doing all the marketing. Email blasts. TV ads. Radio spots. Rather than working smarter, you worked harder. You probably looked something like this:


Stage 4: Slow Realization

Eventually you began to realize something needed to change. It wasn’t exactly an epiphany, because it took a little time. What if, you eventually wondered, you did things differently?


Stage 5: Pondering. Lots of Pondering.

This is where the pondering comes in. How do you measure the ROI of your marketing efforts? What if someone is browsing your website and then calls later? What if someone sees a PPC ad and then clicks through to your website? How do you track them? You have lots of questions in this stage. Lots of things to ponder.


Stage 6: Research.

This is where baby steps become adult steps. A smart marketer knows they need help, and a smarter marketer knows how to look for it. This is you being a smarter marketer:


Stage 7: The Light Bulb Comes on

This is where you realize that there is hope for your marketing. You realize that with tools like call tracking, you can track all the calls that come in to your business from online, mobile, and offline sources.


Stage 8: Signing Up With a Vendor

You wise up and choose a provider to be your trusted advisor. If they’re the kind of partner they should be, they answer all your questions and set you up right away. Those baby steps are turning into big-kid steps.


Step 9: Application

You begin to apply voice-based marketing automation tools to your campaigns, and suddenly you know which ads are driving leads and revenue. When a customer calls, you know which ad source they came from. Suddenly, you’re able to cut ad spend on initiatives that don’t work, and put those dollars toward ads that do work. You look like this:


Step 10: Smugness

But you don’t let your VP or CEO see this outward celebration. Instead, you just calmly show them the numbers that definitively illustrate your marketing ROI because that’s what big-kid marketers do. But once they turn their backs, you look like this:


Want to skip all the steps in the middle and get straight to the wink? You’re smarter than we thought. Download this free guide, Tracking Phone Leads: The Missing Piece of Marketing Automation, and go right to the good stuff.